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Seeing VR technology nowadays, jendela360 is trying to offer searching apartment service in Jakarta by using this technology in its website. Jendela360 gives 360 experience when visitors are looking forapartment directly from the website.

Video and Photo 360 degree Technology will be trend in a variety of business such as property, automotive, and even travel. One of them is Jendela360 who starts using this technology in their website.

To distinguish us from the others, Jendela360 is using 360 degree view to show the apartment. Customer will have opportunity to view their unit virtually before visiting the unit physically. In addition, for unit owner, the help of 360 photo makes them unnecessary to accompany customer viewing their unit

Jendela360 is the only one who offers installment 0% up to 12 months to rent apartment. Eventually, they will cooperate with fintech to facilitate renters who wants to pay monthly but doesn't have a credit card.

Customer would be satisfied to explore the website because the content is very detail. For example, not only providing cost of rent apartment but also parking price and facilites are listed too.

With 360 Virtual Tour in every apartment unit. Renters can see and visit the apartment on internet like real experience. And they offer to pay in installment which makes easier for renters.

Beside photos of apartment in virtual 360 degree, the information on Jendela360 is very complete. Starting monthly price, facilities and the details about the apartments. Renters can propose to visit the apartment too.

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