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Lippo Cikarang


Lippo Cikarang in Cikarang Bekasi is an independent city. This area was built by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk.

Apartment in Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi

Crown Court Executive Condominium
JL.Padjajaran Lippo Cikarang Crown Court Tower I, Cibatu, Ci...
  • 1BR
    Not Available
  • 2BR
    From Rp 8,340,000 x12mo
  • 3BR+
    Not Available

Available Unit

Crown Court Executive Condominium 2BR Fully Furnished Crown Court Executive Condominium 2BR Fully Furnished Crown Court Executive Condominium 2BR Fully Furnished Crown Court Executive Condominium 2BR Fully Furnished
Crown Court Executive Condominium 2BR Fully Furnished

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom

Rp 8.350.000 per month

  • 70m²
  • 2 Tower
  • Low Floor

Lippo Cikarang

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Lippo Cikarang

Lippo Cikarang in Cikarang Bekasi is an independent city. This area was built by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk. In this region, there are various facilities ranging from offices, hotels, recreational facilities, shopping centers, sports facilities, and more.

The Lippo Cikarang area is also equipped with health facilities such as Siloam Gleneagles Hospital, the Pacific Towers office area, as well as five-star hotel Sahid Jaya International.

Apartment for Rent in Lippo Cikarang

As an independent city, in Lippo Cikarang there are many residential apartments that offer the convenience of living in this area. One of these vertical residences is Crown Court Executive Condominium, which is located at Jl. Padjajaran Lippo Cikarang Crown Court Tower I, Cibatu, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi, West Java.

Crown Court Executive Condominium is an apartment that was established in 1994 and is built with an urban concept that also provides easy access to food court, mall and restaurant locations. This apartment is also close to the industrial complex and access to the Cikarang toll road. In addition, apartment residents will not run out of entertainment because near the apartment there are two tourist attractions namely Lippo Cikarang Waterboom and Lippo Cikarang Mall.

The apartments at Lippo Cikarang provide complete facilities that pamper its residents such as adult and child pools, fitness centers (gyms), badminton courts, children playgrounds, car wash areas, 24-hour security systems, and more.

Tourism / Entertainment

One of the advantages of staying in the Lippo Cikarang area is the ease of reaching various entertainment tours. There are many choices of tourist attractions that you can visit, including:

Lippo Cikarang Waterboom

Waterboom Lippo Cikarang is located at Jl. Madiun Kav. 115, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. You can enjoy the excitement in this water playground. Lippo Cikarang Waterboom is a water playground with unique themes and complete facilities for all ages.

Lippo Cikarang Waterboom carries a Balinese theme, surrounded by green areas and traditional style buildings. Visitors can also enjoy a selection of swimming pools, skating, and other fun games.

When children are playing, adults can enjoy a spa or try fish therapy. Outbound facilities are available with games and professional instructors to assist visitors. You can also enjoy Balinese food in the restaurant, sample drinks at the cafe, or enjoy interesting artwork in the gallery area.

Indonesian Jaya Crocodile Park

Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya is located at Jl. Raya Serang - Cibarusah KM.3, Sukaragam, Serang Baru, Bekasi. This place is a crocodile breeding location. Visitors can also enjoy various attractions. Attractions are usually carried out on holidays. Among the attractions shown are the handler sleeping on the back of the crocodile and the handler's head entering the crocodile's head.

There are around 13 crocodile attractions. Visitors can also enjoy the attraction of pythons. Visitors need not to worry because there is a safety fence available when attractions take place.

As for captivity, alligator eggs are brought to the hatchery in the Tangerang area. Then brought back to Taman Buaya to be treated and developed.

Lippo Cikarang Mall

Mall Lippo Cikarang is located at Jl. MH. Thamrin, Cibatu, Cikarang. Lippo Cikarang Mall is a choice of entertainment destination suitable for families. In this shopping center, there are facilities such as children's play area. There are many outlets that provide various product needs.

The parking payment system here can be accessed with applications from gadgets so that it adds to the comfort of residents.


The matter of filling the stomach cannot be considered trivial. Choosing where to live also means you need to make sure there are dining options in the form of restaurants or cafes. So you don't need to get out of the apartment.

In the Lippo Cikarang area, there are many choices of culinary tourism destinations, including:

Resto Mr. Koon

Located at Jl. Galeria Singaraja Blok. C No.12, Cibatu, Cikarang. Mr. Resto Koon is a Korean restaurant with unique flavors and affordable prices at Lippo Cikarang. You can enjoy the chicken menu, with a crunchy texture on the outside but the inside meat is soft and juicy. Another recommended menu is a salad with fresh flavors. For the choice of drinks, one of the available is Patbinsu, with many choices of toppings.


Telaga Seafood is located on Tangkuban Perahu Street Kav. 02, Cibatu, South Cikarang, Cikarang. This place is suitable for meals with friends because the price is affordable. Interestingly, visitors can enjoy entertainment from the live band. The menu is served from seafood and other variations of food.

I sang Lippo Cikarang

Sang Kuring Lippo Cikarang is located in Kemang Boulevard Kav. No. 5A Lippo Cikarang. This place serves home cooking. The area is quite large, suitable for meetings and events such as traditional themed weddings because there are many typical Javanese ornaments displayed.

The menu is quite varied, start from fried gurame fish, grilled catfish, grilled egg squid, sauce green mussels Singapore, chicken satay, oxtail soup, and sour vegetables.


Transportation facilities in the Lippo Cikarang area make it easier for you to reach various places. There are many modes of transportation that you can use. There is a shuttle bus to help you reach Blok M, Slipi, Gajah Mada, and Mall Of Indonesia.

There are 45 angkot that you can use to get to West Bekasi. Other angkot options are angkot 50 to go to East Bekasi, angkot 17 to Cibarusah, and angkot 33 to go to Lemahabang.

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