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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Pesanggrahan

Apartment for Rent in Pesanggrahan

The Pesanggrahan area which has easy access to various places is an attraction for many people to live in this region. Because the price of landed houses is soaring, apartments in Pesanggarahan are an option for those who are active in the region.

An example is the Bintaro Park View Apartment, one of the apartments in Pesanggarahan, arguably an exclusive apartment and also strategic because of its proximity to Pondok Indah. Educational facilities can be found around this apartment such as the Trisakti Tourism College, the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Moestopo, up to STAN. The facilities provided by the apartment in Pesanggrahan range from the swimming pool, jogging track, fitness center, children's playground, 24-hour security, and many more are ready to pamper every occupant's activities. For a choice of unit types, tenants can choose between studio type, 2 BR, and 3 BR according to needs.

Tourism / Entertainment

Various tourist attractions available in Pesanggrahan. Sangga Buana, located on Jalan Karang Tengah Raya, Lebak Bulus, is one of them. The city forest is on the banks of the Pesanggrahan river. Entering this area you will be greeted by fresh air, gentle breeze, gurgling water, and birds chirping. This green land has an area of 120 hectares. Aside from being a conservation and education area, Sangga Buana forest is also a cheap recreational location for the citizens of the capital. Inside there are a number of traditional Betawi traditional houses that are functioned as libraries and mushalla, there is also a soccer field here.

Grand Centro Bintaro on Jl. Bintaro Permai No.8, a shopping place in the Pesanggrahan area that you can visit with your beloved family. Here visitors can find rows of shophouses that offer a variety of everyday products. Restaurants, minimarket, and other facilities are also here. Large parking lots also make it easier for visitors to use private vehicles.

For those of you who like swimming, you can come to the Bintaro Permai Swimming Pool located on Jalan Bintaro Melati II Blok S No. 1 - 2. This place provides swimming pool facilities with affordable ticket prices. Bintaro Permai Swimming Pool is perfect for families who have small children because there is a children's pool available.

The next option for child-friendly recreation is at Playparq, which is located at Jl. Bintaro Taman Barat Kav 10. Here there are attractions for indoor and outdoor games that are interesting for children. Flying fox, baby flying fox, mini wall climbing, and a super sliding castle are some of the games that can be enjoyed here. In the Playparq lounge is also available to enjoy a variety of food menus ranging from Indonesian food, Chinese food, and western food.


Simple restaurant on Jl. RC Veteran No. 8, Bintaro, can be a place to enjoy Padang cuisine in the Pesanggrahan area. The satay served here is famous for its delicious taste. Rendang, empal, and various processed chicken are another menu that you can enjoy at this one Padang restaurant.

When looking for a combined place to eat from several restaurants, there is 3 Finger Culinary located on Kesehatan Raya Street No.88, Bintaro. Spaghetti, green tea milk, chicken steak, sirloin steak, and fried ducks are some of the menus offered. This dining area also has a large parking area.

Saung Sule (Sunda Lesehan) on Bintaro Permai Street Number.81 became the right place to enjoy various Sundanese specialties with the concept of Lesehan. Rib soup, oyster sauce, and mendoan are some of the menus that must be tried here. In addition to serving good food, pegged prices are also affordable. Moreover, there are karaoke facilities here for visitors. This place can also be used for various events such as wedding receptions or others.

For coffee shop choices in Pesanggrahan, Pigeonhole Coffee is a cafe that is recommended to be visited. The location is on Jl Merpati II Blok P2 No. 1 Bintaro. There is a choice of coffee and other drinks served in a warm atmosphere. Although not so wide, this place has an artistic space design and gives the impression of comfort for visitors. Indoor and outdoor areas are available for visitors who want to enjoy coffee while smoking.


A wide selection of tourist attractions and culinary destinations in Pesanggrahan is supported by transportation facilities that make it easy to reach various surrounding areas. The choice of transportation modes in Pesanggrahan is quite diverse. In addition to using private vehicles, Pesanggrahan residents can take advantage of online-based transportation facilities such as motorbikes or taxis that are easy and practical.

For angkot choices, there is KWK S07 which is alternative transportation to reach Kebayoran Lama, Ciledug Raya, Kreo, and Pondok Aren. There are also S609 Kopaja to go to Mayestik, Cipulir, Ulujami, Kebon Jeruk, and Meruya.

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