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Duri Kosambi

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Duri Kosambi
Duri Kosambi

Tourist attraction

There are at least two parks that can be used as recreational destinations in the Dambi Kosambi area. The first is Wijaya Kusuma Park on Jl. Wijaya Kusuma. This park is quite large. Various facilities available here include a jogging track, basketball court, lake, and children's play area. Visitors can fish on the lake in the park. In the garden area, children can play exploring with the surrounding nature. The next park in the Duri Kosambi area is the Angsoka Kosambi Baru Park located on Jl. Angsoka Hijau II Blok E3 No.9. In the afternoon this park is visited by many visitors, even if it's just to breathe fresh air in this place. There is also a play area for children.

For those who like fishing, there is a place in Duri Kosambi that should not be missed. Himaraya Fishing on Jl. Raya Kresek is a well-known fishing spot in the region. A large parking lot makes visitors not need to worry about vehicle safety when fishing. The size of the existing pool is quite large, namely 20 x 50 meters and a depth of 1.80 meters, with a long throw distance. This place is also equipped with other facilities in the form of toilets and canteens. Fish in ponds ranging in size from 2 kg to 10 kg, there are also albino catfish which weigh up to 7 kg.

Culinary tour

Culinary tourist destinations in Duri Kosambi are very diverse. Tenda Kosambi Cafe on Jl Taman Kosambi Barat, offers an interesting culinary experience. This place is in the form of a tent cafe with complete food choices. Visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood, grilled chicken, catfish, chinese food, and more.

To dine while enjoying a unique view, just come to Lake City Green Potato Bakmi whose location is in Green Lake City, Food City Shop No. 6, West Europe I. The main menu in this place is noodles, but visitors can also enjoy fuyunghai butter fried chicken, fried rice,  shrimp roll, and Betawi soto. The outdoor area behind the restaurant overlooks the lake and the cluster housing West Europe Green Lake City so it is a beautiful sight.

When looking for a suitable place to gather with friends at Duri Kosambi, Hungry Man Cafe is the right choice. The location of the cafe is at Jln. Duri Kosambi Raya No 17E, Taman Semanan Indah. Here games are provided that are fun to play in groups, in addition to watching facilities together and free wifi. Visitors can also enjoy live music entertainment every weekend. Tom yum noodles, corned beef martabak, and green tea toast are some menus that can be enjoyed here. for a traditional concept eating place, there is Saoenk Kito Kosambi address at Jalan Raya Duri Kosambi No. 7. Visitors can choose lesehan seats. Indoor and outdoor areas available. Besides the seafood menu, visitors can also enjoy other varied menu choices.


Transportation at Duri Kosambi provides easy access to various regions more easily. There are many public transportation options at Duri Kosambi. White Angkot C10 can be used to go to Condok Bahar Tangerang, Rawa Buaya Train Station, and Cengkareng. There are KWK B04 to reach Puri Indah, Meruya Ilir, Daan Mogot, and Kalideres. Whereas KWK B05 is an alternative transportation for Daan Mogot and Gondrong.

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