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Puri Indah

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Puri Indah
Puri Indah

Apartment in Puri Indah

Location is indeed a major consideration when looking for a place to live. The strategic location is a favorite choice because it will easily reach various regions. Apartments in Puri Indah come with these advantages. Puri Garden Apartment has quick access to the Jakarta Outer Ring Road and Kebon Jeruk Toll Road. Getting to Soekarno Hatta Airport is enough in about 30 minutes.

ST Moritz Apartment features access to areas such as Pluit, Sudirman, Pondok Indah, Cibubur, Kemang, Bindaro, and Tangerang. This apartment also has direct access to Lippo Mall Puri. Its location in the center of business makes it easy for residents who move around the area.

Tourist attraction

As one of the modern areas, Puri has large malls that are not only places to shop. Carrying the concept of "one stop lifestyle and entertainment", several large malls in Puri also offer interesting tourism and entertainment options. Puriland in Puri Indah Mall for example. Puriland provides a variety of exciting games that can be played from children to adults.

Another interesting and exciting place to play in the Puri Indah area. Pandora Experience Escape Game Horror is located in Puri Britannia Blok T7 / 37, Puri Indah, Kembangan which offers the experience of playing Escape Games. Presenting a mystery adventure vehicle, visitors will feel the adrenaline race quickly while fighting brain dexterity in solving puzzles.

Culinary tour

The West Jakarta area is indeed known as a paradise for culinary lovers. No exception in Puri Indah. A variety of culinary flavors can be sampled at Puri Indah starting from Nusantara menus to foreign countries. Culinary tourism in Puri starts from Pecel Lele Permata Mubarok. Located in the Permata Buana Complex, this one catfish pecel shop is popular with slang kids Puri Indah. Just like the catfish pecel, the menu usually includes pecel catfish, fried chicken, and fried duck. The uniqueness of the Mubarok Pecel Lele Permata is a very spicy sauce.

Soto Mie Puri H. Darjo on Jalan Kembangan Abadi Utama Blok A7 No.7, Puri Indah is one of the 'legendary' cuisines in Puri Kembangan. Different from other soup noodles, Soto Mie Puri H. Darjo is served with additional meatballs. Another distinctive feature is the sliced risol which has a savory flavor and is also crunchy.

Another restaurant that must be visited in Puri Indah is Papajo Eatery. Located at Lippo Mall Puri @ St. Moritz, this restaurant is famous for its good and instagenic place. Besides the good place, the menu served at Papajo Eatery is equally delicious. A variety of menu choices are available from western food, Asian food, to archipelago cuisine. Elegantly presented plus a restaurant atmosphere that makes culinary tourism even more enjoyable.


As a modern and integrated area, the existence of transportation in Puri is very vital and is needed to support mobility and activity. Land transportation from the medium bus, large, to mikrolet up and down past Puri every day.

If you choose to use public transportation or city buses, please pay attention to the number or direction listed on the angkot that will be used or can ask the driver or angkot conductor. The average fare for angkot / mikrolet / city buses through Puri Indah / Puri Kembangan ranges from Rp.4,000-Rp.6500.

The presence of online application-based transportation also facilitates the capital's community to reach several areas in Puri and its surroundings.

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