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TB Simatupang

Apartment for Rent in South Jakarta

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Apartment in TB Simatupang, Apartment for Rent in South Jakarta

Pondok Club Villa
JL. TB. Simatupang, Cilandak, RT.2/RW.2, Cilandak Tim., Ps....
  • 1 BR
    Not Available
  • 2 BR
    From Rp 15.000.000 x12mo
  • 3+ BR
    From $2000.00 x12mo
Midtown Residences Jakarta
Jalan T.B. Simatupang Kav. 20, Cilandak Barat, Cilandak, RT...
  • 1 BR
    Not Available
  • 2 BR
    From Rp 4.170.000 x12mo
  • 3+ BR
    Not Available

Available Unit

M-Town Residence Serpong 2BR Fully Furnished
2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 45m²
  • 15 Floor
  • Ellis Tower, (MREC001)

Rp 4,170,000 x12mo

Pondok Club Villa 3BR Fully Furnished
3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom
  • 175m²
  • 9 Floor
  • 1 Tower, (PCVD001)

$ 2,000 x12mo

Pondok Club Villa 2BR Fully Furnished
2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
  • 75m²
  • 8 Floor
  • single Tower, (PCVC002)

Rp 15,000,000 x12mo

Pondok Club Villa 2BR View City (Garden South)
2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
  • 75m²
  • 8 Floor
  • 1 Tower, (PCVC001)

Rp 2,000,000,000

TB Simatupang

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in TB Simatupang

TB Simatupang district is known as one of the areas in South Jakarta that has complete infrastructures starts from Office buildings, International schools, International hospitals, Hotels, until Apartments. TB Simatupang is also a strategic area for business, so there is a lot of office area in this district. Even though it is located outside of Jakarta Golden Triangle (Thamrin, Sudirman, Kuningan), all facilities in TB Simatupang has made the area as the favorite one for either working in office or living in residence.

In the beginning, TB Simatupang is known as a name for the main street of South Jakarta. However, as time goes by, there are a lot of people that call TB Simatupang as an integrated area due to the development of construction throughout this road. The name TB Simatupang itself is taken from the name of Indonesian General Lieutenant Army, Tahi Bonar Simatupang. TB Simatupang is born in Sidikalang, North Sumatra, in January 28th 1920 and died in Jakarta, January 1st 1990. He served as the head staff of the Indonesian army force in President Soekarno era replacing Jendral Sudirman. Because of his merit for the country, The TB Simatupang name is used as one name of main roads in South Jakarta.

Apartments in TB Simatupang

apartments in tb simatupang

Apartments in TB Simatupang are presented with various interesting facilities. There is Midtown Residence Jakarta which is surrounded by offices area and shopping centers. The apartments residents could go to Cilandak Town Square or Poin Square Mall to go shopping for their daily needs and enjoying some entertainments at once.

Pondok Club Villa Apartment is also strategic as well. This apartment is located near Siloam hospital and Pondok Indah hospital. Some international schools also only have around 15 minutes of traveling time to be reached. The resident’s safety is importantly preferred so apartments in TB Simatupang complete it with 24-hours security system. The apartments in TB Simatupang offer an exclusive convenience of living. Many provided facilities of the apartments ensure the residents to enjoy a desired living experience.

Tourist Attraction

tourist attraction di tb simatupang

Besides as a business and offices district, TB Simatupang is also facilitated with tourist attractions that are attractive to be visited. Tanjung park in TB Simatupang street no. 111, Jagakarsa, becomes an alternative attraction in outdoors. The park’s location is in the left side of flyover that directs to Tanjung Barat. To enter the park, the visitors will pass several stairs which in the side of it there is a private way that can be used for disability people or the visitors who bring a baby stroller. Inside the park, there is a seating area, futsal court, and children playground like in the kindergarten. The plants in the park are also named and given information in the form of picture and other descriptions.

For you who like to go shopping, you can go to Cilandak Town Square. This mall is located in TB Simatupang street Kav.17 which also becomes one of favorite shopping destination in the south of Jakarta. The mall that is also known with the name “Citos” is very popular in the youth circle and is often used as a place for spending time in weekend. In the first floor, there are restaurants, Matahari department store, and various shops. Meanwhile, in the second floor, there is a foodcourt. The strategic location of Cilandak Town Square makes the mall always crowded. Another interesting thing is this place often holds a ladies bazaar in every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Culinary Visit

culinary visit di tb simatupang

It is not hard to find food places and culinary destinations in TB Simatupang. There is a lot of options available, starts from Rumah Makan Ampera in TB Simatupang street no.2, in this restaurant you can enjoy Sundanese menu with a comfortable, clean and tidy atmosphere. The prices of the foods and the beverages are also relatively cheap. Soupanova EcoSky which is located in the GKM Tower 23rd floor can also be your next option of restaurants in TB Simatupang. From this rooftop restaurant, you can enjoy the city sight of Jakarta clearly, especially in the night. Besides serving Indonesian menu, Soupanova Ecosky also offers Germany foods like Wurstteller with Spatzle Brocolli (a roast with additional pasta and broccoli).

The next culinary destination in TB Simatupang is Rigby’s Coffee House & Resto which is in the ground floor of 18 office park, TB Simatupang street no.18. This restaurant is available inside a building which also gives an exclusive impression for meeting place. This restaurant has a white and black nuance with minimalist interior. Tuna aglio olio, Calamari, Pasta Carbonara, and Fried Mushroom are the menus that you can try.


transportation di tb simatupang

Various transportation choices in TB Simatupang can ease your transport to reach any places. There is a TransJakarta 8 Corridor that cross TB Simatupang street which will definitely ease you if you want to go to another Jakarta main roads such as Pasar Jumat street, Ciputat Raya street, Metro Pondok Indah street, Arteri Pondok Indah street, Daan Mogot street, Letjen S. Parman street, Kyai Tapa street until Gajah Mada/Hayam Wurk street.

Besides TransJakarta, you can also choose several modes of transportation which are Kopaja, Metro Mini, or Mikrolet. To reach Mampang Prapatan, Setiabudi, Menteng and Gambir, for instance, you can use Kopaja P20. Another option such as taxi or online transportation is also not hard to be found in TB Simatupang area.

Kopaja 605 becomes an alternative to reach Melawai, Darmawangsa, Fatmawati, Kemang, Ampera, until Kampung Rambutan. There is also Kopaja 605A that can be used to reach Prapanca and Ragunan Terminal. Meanwhile, to reach Lenteng Agung area, you can use Kopaja S63.