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Jakarta Timur

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Jakarta Timur
East Jakarta is the administrative Jakarta area with the most population in Jakarta. There are 2,7 million people lived here with population density of 14 thousand people per km2.

Most people have known East Jakarta because in here there is a well-known jail in Indonesia, that is LP Cipinang. Besides, East Jakarta has known as the only area in Indonesia that passed by 5 rivers which are the Ciliwung river, the Sunter river, the Malang river, Cipinang, and Cakung Drain.

You always can find destinations in Jakarta, but only in East Jakarta, you can find Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is a place where every culture in Indonesia mix in one place. And also you can find museums, and etc.

So if you looking for rent an apartment in East Jakarta, you might be considering popular districts like Pulo Gadung, Cakung, Jatinegara, or Cawang. You always easy to find it on

Searching Apartment for Rent in East Jakarta

Bassura City is the most famous apartment in East Jakarta. This Apartment is located in Cipinang Jaya Street. It has a unique concept because of the location of this apartment is exactly above a mall, so it's easier for the renter to shopping.

If you looking at an apartment for rent in East Jakarta especially near Cipinang Jaya Street, so you might be considering this apartment. 

How Much Rent an Apartment in East Jakarta

Usually, the price of renting an apartment in East Jakarta is different depends on the location, unit type, and the facility from its apartment.

If you looking at an apartment for rent in East Jakarta with a low-cost of rent, you might be considering Casablanca East Residence, MT Haryono Residence, and Oak Tower.

Apartment for Rent in East Jakarta Information

  • Number of Units: 12 Available Apartments in
  • Unit Type: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR.
  • Payment: Cash/Credit up to 12x with Credit Card.
  • Condition: Full Furnished, Semi Furnished, and Non Furnished.

Things You Should Do in East Jakarta

Speaking of cool places. East Jakarta has so many tourist attraction, there's one who always attracts tourists every time they visit Jakarta, which is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. In these places, you can see all of the traditional houses and worship places from Indonesia. This destination is perfect for families because parents can teach their kids to learn about cultural diversity in Indonesia.

Besides of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), there are any other destinations for you to visit on the weekend. And that's Telaga Arwana Cibubur or you can prefer to say it TAC for short. Taman Arwana Cibubur (TAC) is a recreational park and also educational park, located in Jambore Street, Cibubur, East Jakarta. There are so many things you can do in East Jakarta, like play flying fox, fishing, swimming, and etc.

Living Cost in East Jakarta

If you still remember, East Jakarta has the most population in Jakarta. And most people are a comer from outside Jakarta. In fact, like the other Jakarta like South Jakarta, and even Central Jakarta, East Jakarta has a high possibility for business and a good place for work.

Living cost in East Jakarta is high. The other locations are equally high too, but East Jakarta is the lowest one than other locations in Jakarta.  What you should remember is there are so many living places in Jakarta especially apartments. 

So if you interest to pick an apartment for rent in East Jakarta, it's easy to find in Jendela360. We always provide an affordable price for you to rent an apartment in East Jakarta than the others. So what are you waiting for, go get your dream apartment before it's too late in

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Frequently Asked Question Jakarta Timur

Apartemen baru Jakarta Timur ada di JKT Living Star, LRT City Ciracas dan Cleon Park Apartment

Apartemen Jakarta Timur yang dekat halte busway adalah Bassura City, Sentra Timur Residence dan Signature Park Grande

Apartemen Jakarta Timur yang dekat Stasiun Cakung adalah Sentra Timur Residence (2,4 km) dan Apartemen Delta Cakung (4,9 km)

Apartemen yang dekat dengan kantor walikota Jakarta Timur adalah East Park Apartment (3,7 km), Delta Cakung (3,5 km) dan Sentra Timur Residence (3,7 km)

Harga sewa apartemen Jakarta Timur termurah adalah Rp1.250.000 per bulan di Delta Cakung

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