Everything You Need to Know About Bassura City

Better City, Better Life. That is the slogan from Bassura City apartment located in East Jakarta. This apartment is one of the popular apartments, because of its complete facilities and also easy access to all corners of the place in East Jakarta or other Jakarta areas. In the other hand, the price is also affordable.

It is said to be affordable because the price categorized as low-middle level. So it is very suitable for most people in Indonesia who want to find affordable apartments with complete facilities. Besides that, the Bassura City tower is also quite numerous, as many as 8 towers that exist today.

For location, it is located close to access to the JORR toll road, inner city toll, Kuningan area, and other places. Entertainment venues such as Bassura City Mall, Kota Kasablanca Mall, and also many other entertainment venues close to Bassura City Apartments.

Interested in knowing more about Bassura City apartments? Check the full review below!

General Information

  • Address: Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 1A, Cipinang Besar Selatan, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur - 13410.
  • Developer: Synthesis Development
  • Launching Date: 2012
  • Size of Area: 4 ha
  • Total units: 6000 units
  • Floors: 39 floor
  • Tower: Alamanda, Cattleya, Dahlia, Edelwiess, Flamboyan, Geranium, Heliconia, Jasmine.
  • Apartment Contact:
    • WhatsApp: 0877-7557-1988
    • Postcode: 13410
  • Marketing Office: +6221-859-10000
  • Building Management: +6221-859-10000


Siteplan is an image that shows details of the building plan include apartment. Siteplan gallery Bassura City apartment includes many things including roads, surrounding locations, apartment plans, and others.

apartemen bassura city

Bassura City Apartment Facilities

The Bassura City amenities are quite complete. For low-middle level apartments, they have complete and high-quality facilities which are classified as luxurious residential.

Therefore many people want to rent here because Bassura City's apartment facilities are no less complete than the middle-high level apartments.

The following are the available Bassura City apartment facilities:

Swimming Pool

fasilitas bassura city kolam renang

Clean, cool, simple and unique are the first ones to come to mind when looking at the Bassura City apartment swimming pool. Not small but not too large, making it comfortable to see and swim because we can monitor our children or family up close.

Fitness Center

fitness center apartemen bassura city

Bassura City fitness center has a complete fitness equipment, residents can freely use this facility. But, because of the large number of residents in Bassura City, you might have to be patient if you want to use this facility.


taman bermain apartemen bassura city

The playground is not so big, but enough to accommodate some children who want to play there. For the size of the apartment, maybe this playground is enough because not all residents have children and not all want to play in the playground.

Basketball Court

lapangan basket apartemen bassura city

The basketball court is quite large, so if you are interested in buying or rent Bassura City apartment you can also freely use the basketball court facilities which can also function as a futsal court.

Convenience Store

minimarket apartemen bassura city

There is also have a convenience store within their apartment complex, one of which is Indomaret Bassura City. For completeness, it is definitely as complete as Indomaret that you usually find on the other places.


laundry apartemen bassura city

If you are lazy to wash clothes, bed covers, blankets, dolls, your own bed linen, there is also available laundry service. There are several laundy services in Bassura City apartments, one of which is from the picture above.


parkiran apartemen bassura city

For those of you who bring private vehicles can park your vehicle here. The availability of parking here is also quite extensive which can accommodate many vehicles. Because this apartment has many towers, the apartment manager provide a parking space that is quite large, so that residents do not need to be afraid miss out the parking lot.

For four-wheeled vehicles such as cars, it costs Rp 200,000 / month. But for two-wheeled vehicles or motorbikes, it costs Rp. 75,000 / month, which is quite affordable.


tempat makan apartemen bassura city

Bassura City's foodcourt has enough food choices available, you can find a Café called Kedai Kuy. Where this place provides a variety of contemporary foods that you can eat in the afternoon until evening. Plus you can be satisfied using WiFi for free here.


masjid apartemen bassura city

Here is also available a mosque. The mosque located on the ground floor of the Geranium tower. Anyone can use this mosque for residents or guests who want to perform 5 times pray.


gereja apartemen bassura city

Not only are Muslims provided for their places of worship, but also Christians. You can find GBI in Bassura City located on the 3rd floor of Bassura City mall. Precisely located at Function Hall of Bassura City Mall.

TV Cable

tv kabel apartemen bassura city

TV Cable service in Bassura City Apartments use K-Vision. The available channels are also quite complete, you can enjoy TV services from overseas channels from your apartment TV.


Living in an apartment might make you think it is difficult to find a public facility and other good and important places. But not if you live in Bassura City's apartment, you don't need to worry if you want to find your daily needs. Because there are markets, bus stops, stations, schools, hospitals and several other places around Bassura City apartments.

Gembrong Market

pasar gembrong

Gembrong Market is a traditional market that has long existed even before the establishment of Bassura City malls and apartments. Gembrong Market sells children's toys, carpets, etc. The market is famous for the cheap price of children's toys here, which makes many parents prefer to buy their children toys here rather than in toy stores that are usually in malls. The choices are also not less like the toy shops in the mall, so children are also happy to choose their toys here

Jatinegara Premier Hospital

This hospital is already popular among the people of Jakarta. Excellent patient service with the facilities provided are also sophisticated and doctors who are competent in their fields. If you want to seek treatment or just do a check-up, you can come here.

Mpu Tantular University

Mpu Tantular University is one of the private universities in Jakarta. Established since 1984 and was accredited B by by National University Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) makes it a choice for many middle and lower class people. Affordable tuition fees and popularity are among the reasons. Has 6 faculties and all are accredited "B" point.

Jatinegara Train Station

You can reach it by using GO-JEK or with other public vehicles. From the station you can reach other places you want. The train fare is 3000 Rupiah for the first 25km and 1000 for the next 10km.

Gas Station

Near Bassura City apartment there is a gas station with code 34 13414 located not far from the apartment. So if you want to travel but want to refuel first, you don't need to be confused to find it again.

Entertainment Venues

Feeling tired always becomes a specter everyday for those of you who work in Jakarta. Traffic jams, stress at work or campus is one of the factors. Weekends are the time when you eliminate all the fatigue.

Of course, you want to refreshing in a fun place and a find place where you can spend time without thinking about work or assignments. So we try to describe entertainment places around Bassura City's apartment below

bassura city


bioskop apartemen bassura city

Cinema in Bassura City is located on the 2nd floor of Bassura Mall. You can enjoy local and international box office movies that are currently airing. The facilities are also complete with other cinemas. Also complete with a place to sell food that provides food and drinks such as popcorn, ice tea, etc.


Located on the LG (Lower Ground) floor of Bassura Mall, in Century you can find various types of creams, soaps, etc. that are related to your skin care.


Located on the 1st Floor of Bassura Mall, Chatime has become a favorite place to drinks for all people, both young or old. Tthere are many types of drinks available, plus a refreshing topping will make you addicted to drink it.


Breadtalk in Bassura City is located on the Ground Floor (GF). The shop owned by Breadtalk in Bassura City is also quite extensive and the bread offered is also complete. You can visit it if you want to buy bread to take home or eat on the spot.


Chicking in Bassura City is located on the 2nd floor. Chicking sells a variety of fast food with chicken as the main dish. Package fried chicken rice, burgers, chicken wrap, etc. For those of you fried chicken lovers, this will be one of your next favorite places to eat.

Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum

Imperial kitchen & dimsum in Bassura City is located on the GF (Ground Floor) floor. Imperial kitchen & dimsum have become excellent places for family dining in the mall. Because the food is complete and the price is quite affordable for all people. The taste that is served is also very delicious for this affordable price, this dining place can be your recommendation for lunch or dinner with your family and friends.


Erafone in Bassura City is located on the 2nd floor. Erafone is a shop that sells electronic items such as smartphones, drones, smartwatches, action cameras, etc. You can visit Erafone if you are looking for these items and of course it's official guarantee of the brand's electronic goods. Promos that are presented also vary from 0% installments, cashback, attractive prizes, etc.


lotteria bassura city

Lotteria in Bassura City is located on the GF (Ground Floor) floor. It's not unusual for you to find this fast food place, because it tastes good and the price is affordable. You can enjoy chicken, burger, ice cream, hasbrowns, etc. here.

How To Get To Bassura City

To Bassura City:

Jatinegara Station - Bassura City: From Jatinegara Train Station, East Jakarta runs a little under the Jatinegara flyover. There ride Mikrolet M 04 in the direction of Rawasari. Get off in front of Bassura City Apartments.

From Bassura City:

Bassura City - Kota Kasablanka: Take the 11Q Transjakarta bus majoring in the Malay village, then get off at the Chinese airport and wait for the Transjakarta 5D bus majoring in PGC. Then get off at the BNN and wait for the Transjakarta 9A bus to go to Pluit and then head to Kuningan Barat, then walk to Kuningan Timur and wait for the 11E Transjakarta bus in the direction of Patra Kuningan. Then get off at Patra Kuningan and wait for the Transjakarta 6C bus and get off in the city of Kasablanka

The Advantages

Bassura City Apartment has a very strategic location in the East Jakarta area. Easily reach other Jakarta areas. In addition, affordable price apartments with complete facilities is the reason people want to rent or buy Bassura City apartments.

The environment is also friendly, this can be seen from the many plants around the apartment that make residents feel at home staying here. Then one of the advantages is close to the mall. Not all apartments have facilities like this, even expensive apartments are not necessarily close to malls like this.

The Disadvantages

Besides the advantages, there are definitely disadvantages. According to the residents of Bassura City apartments, apartment managements have poor service and bad maintenance. For example, if there is something they need like there is damage in their apartment unit, the apartment is very long to respond to their complaints.

Security guards / security services are also considered bad by residents, and people are free to enter the apartment tower without first checking. Then if the occupants who bring a car comes late at night, it's difficult to get a parking space because of the availability of parking spaces that are a little unsuitable for the large number of residents.

The Average Rental Price of Bassura City Apartment

Rata-Rata Harga Sewa Apartemen Bassura City
Update Harga Februari 2019

The Average Selling Price of Bassura City Apartment

rata-rata harga apartemen bassura city

How To Rent Bassura City Apartment

Some of you may already know how difficult it is to find an apartment that fits all your needs.

Many things must be considered, not only the budget but also the location, facilities, environment, and others.

Maybe you have searched for apartments on the internet from various website sources such as,,, and others. But when you get the desired unit there are always obstacles.

Whether the unit has been sold but is still listed on the website, information that is unclear, or has come to the unit but is not as expected, and there are many other things that cause you to fail to rent an apartment.

One of them is Jendela360 which has experience and has successfully leased and sold thousands of apartment units from all over Jakarta and its surroundings.

Bassura City's apartment units have also had many successes that we have leased to customers and all are satisfied with our service and feel safe.

They feel safe because the transaction deals are based on contract with a signature on the stamp of each representative, namely the Jendela360 as an intermediary for apartment owners and you as an apartment tenant.

Payment can also be monthly and also annual and can also be repaid without a credit card.

Interesting right?

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How To Advertise Bassura City Apartment

If you have a Bassura City apartment and want to advertise your apartment. You can entrust your apartment to us.

We open for anyone who wants to advertise their apartment. You can click here if you want to deposit and advertise it through or you can contact our customer service at 0821-1488-8360.

Why do you have to leave your apartment in Jendela360? Jendela360 as a professional property agent has experienced helping many apartment owners in advertise their apartments.

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So that it will beautify your apartment unit, and it's all free of charge.

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