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  • Location: Kuningan, South Jakarta
  • Unit Size: Start from 74m2to 98m2
  • Unit Type: 2BR, 3BR
  • Best Offer Price Start From: Rp 11.000.000 x12/month
  • Payment: Cash / Installment payment plan for12x with VISA/Master Card
  • Developer: Bakrieland.
  • Total Unit: 224
  • Floor: 31
  • Completed Building: 2004.
  • Building Condition: Ready for occupancy.
  • More Information: located inside Rasuna Epicentrum complex, you get easy access to office building in Kuningan, Mampang, Sudirman, Semanggi, and many embassiess. Very near to MMC hospital and shopping centre (Plaza Festival, Epicentrum Walk, Setiabudi One, Kota Kasablanka).
  • Facilities: swimming pool, kid playground, jogging track, ATM center, function room, grocery store, fitness center, basketball court, tennis court, CCTV, and 24 hours security.
  • Best Apartment For: young executive and businessman who working around Kuningan.


Basket Ball Court

Cable TV

Function Room

Grocery Store



Jogging Track

Swimming Pool

Tennis Court





TypeStart FromAvailable Unit
Studio-0 unit
1 BR-0 unit
2 BRRp 11.040.000/month7 units
3 BR+Rp 11.000.000/month6 units

Monthly Fee: Free

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Marsita Arimbi



06 Jun 2018

Gedung menyatu dengan hotel Aston, kolam renang luas, ada food court, dekat Plaza Festival dan Epicentrum Walk. Cuma rada terganggu saja mesti papasan dengan banyak tamu hotel di lobby.

Horison Suites Residence

memiliki rating 8 berdasarkan 1 review. Sewa Horison Suites Residence mulai dari IDR 11.000.000 / bulan.

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General Information of Aston Rasuna

The Aston Rasuna Apartment is a vertical residence located in a strategic location in Kuningan, precisely in the Rasuna Epicentrum area. This area is a mega superblock created by the Bakrieland developer which stands on a land area of ​​53.6 hectares. Inside there are residences, hotels, hospitals, places of worship, sports, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and educational institutions. Because of this completeness, residents have many advantages living in the Aston Rasuna apartment. Residents who want to rent Aston Rasuna apartments can choose several types of units such as 1BR (64 m2 for the executive type and 68 m2 for the penthouse type), 2BR (74 m2 for the Superior type and 78 m2 for the Deluxe type) and 3BR (90 m2). For further information, you can contact the number (021) 8370 5555.

Choosing the Right Unit at Aston Rasuna Apartment

Those of you who want to rent an Aston Rasuna apartment may be faced with questions about which units are suitable for occupancy, especially for first-renters. The answer, of course, depends on the needs of each person who wants to rent an Aston Rasuna apartment. If the tenant is an employee or executive who is still single, it is highly recommended to rent the Aston Rasuna 1BR unit apartment, because this type of tenant usually doesn't need much space. The 1BR unit offered by the Aston Rasuna apartment can cover an area of ​​up to 68 m2, more than enough for the needs of one person. With a separate workspace and bedroom in this unit, residents can focus more on working and sleeping better. These two different activities can be carried out more effectively.

Unlike singles, married couples certainly need a unit that is much wider in size. Therefore, 2BR and 3BR units are perfect for those who are married or even have children. The Aston Rasuna Apartment offers 2BR units with an area of ​​ 78 m2 and 3BR units are offered with an area of ​​up to 90 m2. With such a large size, lots of rooms, and more than one bathroom, of course, your spouse and children will feel comfortable living in this unit.

After determining the type of unit, you can decide to rent a unit that is non-furnished, semi-furnished, or full-furnished. These three units certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages. The non-furnished unit is suitable for those of you who already have furniture. You can rent it at a more affordable price and furnish it yourself with the furniture you already have. Meanwhile, semi-furnished and fully-furnished units are suitable for those of you who want practicality, no need to bring furniture from your old residence. In the Aston Rasuna apartment itself, the completeness of the fully furnished unit includes air conditioning, kitchen, refrigerator, mattress, access card, water heater, washing machine, electricity, and TV.


Neighborhood around Aston Rasuna Apartment

Its location in the Epicentrum area makes it easy for residents of the Aston Rasuna apartment to reach various strategic places in Jakarta. Some places such as offices are even found around apartments, namely Bakrie Tower, Rasuna Office Park, Office Suites at Epicentrum Walk, ANTV Studio, tvOne Studio, and Viva One. Regarding well-known shopping places, you can visit Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan City, Epicentrum Walk Rasuna, and Pasar Festival. In addition, in terms of location, the Aston Rasuna apartment is also close to various embassies in Jakarta, for example, the Thai embassy (4.8 km), the Russian embassy (3.8 km), to the Directorate General of Immigration (3.7 km).


Interesting Places at Aston Rasuna Apartment

The Epicentrum area is famous for its complete facilities and infrastructure. What can residents find in this area? Here are a few examples:

  • Epiwalk (450 meters): In the Epicentrum area, Epiwalk is an entertainment and lifestyle center that brings a fun atmosphere in three different choices of venues, namely indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. Many well-known tenants are located at Epiwalk, some of which are Ta Wan, Ichiban Sushi, Gallo Chicken, Eat and Eat, and others. For a cafe where you can hang out or hold business meetings, Starbucks Coffee, B Cafe, Coffee, Daily Bread, etc. You also don't need to worry if you want to find a place for monthly shopping, because Epiwalk also provides several supermarkets, namely Farmer; s Market, Indomaret Point, and Ace Hardware.
  • Soemantri Brodjonegoro Stadium (900 meters): This stadium is a multifunctional stadium located in the Epicentrum area, Kuningan. Primarily, this stadium is used to hold soccer matches. However, visitors also often do other sports at this stadium. Jogging is the most widely practiced activity. You can exercise here without fear of hunger because around the stadium there are many good places to eat.
  • Plaza Festival (400 meters): Plaza Festival is located right at the entrance to the Rasuna Epicentrum area. This place is a shopping center that combines sports and entertainment managed by PT. Bakrie Pesona Rasuna. The tenants who rent stalls in this place are McDonald's (24 hours), KFC, Bakmi GM, Matahari Department Store, Dim Sum Inc (24 hours), Pizza Hut, Timezone, Wendy's, Solaria, Baskin's Robins, A&W Restaurants, etc.
  • Bakrie University (450 meters): Bakrie University is the closest university to the Aston Rasuna apartments. Located in a strategic location, which is in the golden triangle area of ​​Jakarta, Bakrie University can be an ideal campus for residents of the Aston Rasuna apartment. The study programs offered by this university are also quite complete, with undergraduate levels such as Management, Accounting, Communication Science, Information Engineering, Information Systems, Political Science, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Food Science and Technology. Meanwhile, for the Master's level, a Master of Management program is available.

Aston Rasuna featured facilities

Aston Rasuna provides the best facilities for its residents and can be said to be very complete. Here, you can find a swimming pool, gym, bar, children's playground, laundry, jogging track, lounge, function room, 24-hour security basketball court, cafe, pharmacy, mini market, spa to the tennis court. With very complete facilities, not to mention the existing facilities in shopping centers near apartments such as Epiwalk and Plaza Festival, making the Aston Rasuna apartment an ideal place to live in.


Rent Aston Rasuna Apartment Monthly

Currently, you can rent Aston Rasuna apartments on a monthly basis. This lease term is perfect for those of you who are on a business trip for several months and need a temporary place to live. At Jendela360, you can rent an Aston Rasuna apartment within 6 months.

The Aston Rasuna apartment units available for monthly rental are 2BR and 3BR units. For 2BR units, the rental price ranges from Rp. 57,000,000 per six months and the 3BR unit is Rp. 75,000,000 per six months. If these prices are still burdensome, you can pay monthly installments, Rp. 9,500,000 per month for 2BR units and Rp. 12,500,000 per month for 3BR units.

You don't need to worry about the quality of the monthly units at Jendela360, because most of the apartment units at Jendela360 have been verified, including the Aston Rasuna apartment rental units. Information regarding the completeness of the unit is also not covered up. Moreover, Jendela360 also has a star listing feature that can display the unit in its best condition, has been decorated and tidied up first. Prospective residents can ask Jendela360 professional advisor for help if they are not sure about the unit of choice.


Rent Aston Rasuna Apartments Yearly

If you want to rent an Aston Rasuna apartment, an annual unit rental is the most ideal choice. Because the annual unit rental is much more profitable than the monthly unit rental, let alone daily. First, you can lock in the price of the apartment you ordered, so that fluctuations in rental rates in certain seasons can be avoided. Second, you can secure the unit, so you don't have to worry about being evicted if there are new tenants, given the rapid turnover of apartment rentals lately.

For that reason, an annual unit rental is suitable for those of you who plan to live in an area, either alone or with family. If you are determined to rent an annual unit, Jendela360 provides these options, including the Aston Rasuna apartment rental. Here, you can find various units ranging from 2BR to 3BR units. For 2BR units, the annual rental price ranges from Rp. 114,000,000 and 3BR units starting from Rp. 150,000,000 per year. Don't worry, if you find it hard to pay for this annual unit rental in advance, you can choose a lighter monthly installment option. Installments start from  Rp 9,500,000 per month for 2BR units and Rp 12,500,000 per month for 3BR units

How to Rent an Aston Rasuna Apartment Fast and Easy

After you know what is in the Aston Rasuna apartment, now are you ready to rent the Aston Rasuna apartment that you are looking for? At Jendela360, it will be easier for you to rent an apartment. You don't need to bother looking for units one by one on different web pages. Just visit this page, you can see hundreds of Aston Rasuna units for rent. Another interesting thing is that you can see every corner of the Aston Rasuna apartment unit in detail with 360 Virtual Tour technology. Do you want to rent an Aston Rasuna apartment monthly? You can choose the Aston Rasuna Unit labeled Star Listing. Apart from being able to be paid per month, another advantage of the unit labeled Star Listing is that the unit is neatly arranged and is always under maintenance as well as additional furniture. Do you still need questions about Aston Rasuna? Please read the Aston Rasuna apartment review before deciding to rent an Aston Rasuna apartment at Jendela360 or directly contact the Customer Representative for more complete information.

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