Margonda Residence For Rent

Jl. Margonda Raya Pondok Cina Beji Kota Depok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 16424

Available Units

Semua Bedroom
New New
Margonda Residence Studio View Garden
Margonda Residence Studio View Garden

Unit Studio, 1 Bathroom

Rp 1.200.000 per month

  • 21m²
  • D Tower
  • Low Floor
Margonda Residence Studio Fully Furnished
Margonda Residence Studio Fully Furnished

Unit Studio, 1 Bathroom

Rp 2.800.000 per month

  • 22m²
  • A Tower
  • Low Floor
Margonda Residence Studio View Kolam
Margonda Residence Studio View Kolam

Unit Studio, 1 Bathroom

Rp 2.500.000 per month

  • 24m²
  • J Tower
  • Middle Floor

Rent Apartment on Margonda Residence

  • Location: Margonda, Depok
  • Unit Size: Start from 20 m2 to 25 m2
  • Unit Type: Studio
  • Best Offer Price Start From: Rp 1.170.000 x12/month
  • Payment: Cash / Installment payment plan for12x with VISA/Master Card
  • Developer: Cempaka Group
  • Total Unit: 730
  • Floor: 18
  • Building Condition: Ready for Occupancy
  • Maintenance Fee: Call Us
  • More Information:

    Margonda Residence is the first apartment established in Depok, a developed suburb near Jakarta. It stands in a strategic location, close to many leading university in Indonesia, such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Pancasila, and Universitas Gunadarama. Besides the proximity of the university, residents of Margonda Residence apartment has also been benefited from the emergence of malls and shopping centers around the apartment, for example Depok Mall and Plaza Depok which are lie within the close distance. Furthermore, this apartment also provide easy access to Tanjung Barat Toll Road. 

  • Facilities:

    Some facilities that are very useful for tenants of Margonda Residence are swimming pool, tennis court, jogging track, convenient store, prayer room and parking lot. 

  • Best Apartment For:

    Margonda Residence has low-end price regarding rental fee. Thus it is suitable for college students, family or young married couple who are seeking for affordable residential in Depok. 

    • Renting Prices of Margonda Residence:
    • Studio: Rp2.500.000,00/month


  • Belum ada fasilitas terdaftar

Unit Type and Margonda Residence Rental Price

Type Harga Full Furnished Mulai Available Units
Studio Rp 1,200,000/month 3 units
1BR - 0 unit
2BR - 0 unit
3BR+ - 0 unit

Review Margonda Residence Apartment

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Aldi Pratama
7/10 21 Feb 2020
Mares populer banget di kalangan mahasiswa. Lokasinya dekat dengan kampus UI Depok, Margo City dan stasiun Pondok Cina. Harga sewanya juga sangat terjangkau, pas di kantong mahasiswa. Kelemahannya paling jalanan Margonda-nya aja yang sering macet di jam-jam sibuk.
Margonda Residence

memiliki rating 7 berdasarkan 1 review. Sewa Margonda Residence mulai dari IDR 1,200,000 / bulan.

Margonda Residence

Rent Margonda Residence Apartment Yearly

Yearly rental is the most suitable rental period for any tenant candidate, including tenant of Margonda Residence. Margonda Residence has given much facilities for yearly tenants, start from shopping center, business center, proximity to healthcare provider (Bunda Margonda Hospital), public transportation to educational institution. No wonder anyone want to live in this convenient apartment.

For yearly tenant, they could get benefit like "price locking" while occupied Margonda Residence yearly. Means, if someday the rental price of Margonda Residence fluctuate, the locked unit would not be affected. The rental fee is flat, according to the previous agreement.

Margonda Residence charges Rp72 million ($4980) for full-furnished 1BR unit and Rp24 million ($1660) for full-furnished studio unit. They are less pricey compare to other apartment in the same region.

Rent Margonda Residence Apartment Monthly

Become the first apartment established in Depok and has close proximity to many leading universities is the main feature of Margonda Residence. It is understandable that college students prefer to live in Margonda Residence instead of kost-kostan (shared house) nearby. Moreover, Margonda Residence only charged its tenants for Rp2.500.000,00 per month (for studio unit), which is affordable for most of student. The proximity between Margonda Residence and public transportation like Pondok Cina and Universitas Indonesia train station would also benefited employee who are frequently ride train to go to work.

Rent Margonda Residence Apartment Daily

If you are on your business trip to Depok, then rent Margonda Residence apartment daily will suit you best. Margonda Residence will also become a good option for your accomodation during family trip in Depok. There are Depok Mall, Plaza Depok, Margo City Mall and Depok Town Square nearby which support your vacation. Rent Margonda Residence is the better choice than booking a hotel room, as you can find more facilities at Margonda Residence. The rental price is low too. For daily rent, Margonda Residence only charges its tenant by Rp225.000 to Rp350.000.

Rent Margonda Residence Apartment Up to 6 Hours

The most unique feature of Margonda Residence is tenant can rent an apartment here for less than a day. This rental option would benefited those who are on their long journey to some place and need a place to stay temporarily. Margonda Residence provides unit to rent in less than a day with various price, depends on how long the tenant will stay. Still, the rental price of these units are cheaper than booking a short-term hotel in Depok, here are the price detail.

  • Monday - Thursday Rp150.000,00 per 3 hours (weekday)
  • Monday - Thursday Rp175.000,00 per 5 hours (weekday)
  • Monday - Thursday Rp200.000,00 per 6 hours (weekday)
  • Friday - Sunday Rp175.000,00 per 3 hours (weekday)
  • Friday - Sunday Rp200.000,00 per 5 hours (weekend)
  • Friday - Sunday Rp250.000,00 per 6 hours (weekend).

General Information

Margonda Residence is an apartment located in Margonda, Depok, correspond to its name. The apartment was developed by Cempaka Group and featured 18 floors with 730 units apartment in total. Studio unit apartment in Margonda Residence has 20 m2 to 25 m2 in size. Inside the unit, there are television, AC, refrigerator, towel, soap, kitchen set, etc. The good news is there is no maintenance fee. If you are interested to rent Margonda Residence, you can contact Jendela360 for further detail.

Getting to Know More About Margonda Residence

Margonda Residence become one of the most famous apartment in Depok. The reason is because this apartment has complete facilities and simultaneously offers cheap rental price. For college student, this is the best apartment near university they could afford. They usually call Margonda Residence as Mares, an abbreviation for Margonda Residence. Do you know that Mares has 5 apartments located in different area? Before you rent any unit in Mares, it is important to know which Mares will suit your need.

Margonda Residence 2 (Mares 2)

Margonda Residence 2 apartment is located behind PHD's shop house. This apartment is surrounded by several important landmarks in Depok, like Universitas Gunadarma, Universitas Indonesia, Depok Town Square and Margo City. Moreover, Margonda Residence also stand close to Universitas Indonesia station and Pondok Cina station, two important station which has connected three region at once, Jakarta, Bogor and Depok.

As for rental price, Mares 2 has no difference with Margonda Residence. The 2BR unit at this apartment leased only Rp2.000.000,00 per month, whereas the 1BR full-furnished unit leased for Rp5.000.000,00 per month.

Margonda Residence 3 (Mares 3)

Mares 3 stands quite far from Mares 2, precisely 4 km away from that apartment. For those of you who are frequently busy around Pesona Khayangan, living in Mares 3 would be the best choice. Living here would also benefited those who are often used Cinere-Jagorawi Toll Road, because of the proximity between the road and Mares 3. As for the nearest landmark, Mares 3 stands not far from Pondok Cina and Universitas Indonesia station.

Margonda Residence 4 (Mares 4)

Mares 4 stands within the same complex as Mares 3. This residential has given each tenants easy access to ITC Depok and Dmall. Moreover, all three of Mares 3, 4 and 5 have direct access to Dmall, a life style center where shopping, culinary and entertainment can be found in a one place.

Margonda Residence 5 (Mares 5)

Like Mares 3 and Mares 4, Mares 5 also stands near Dmall. This apartment can be reached easily through Cijago Toll Road which connected to Jagorawi Toll Road. If you are prefer to use public transportation, you could ride a train and get off at Depok Baru station in order to reach Mares 5.

Featured Facility at Margonda Residence

Although Margonda Residence offers affordable rental price for tenant, they still had provide complete facility. Facilities included here are ATM Machine, cafe, fitness center, lounge, restaurant, swimming pool, kid's playground, rooftop garden and tennis court. College students would also love living here, because apartment has also featured cafe, a spot to hangout with friends, swimming pool to refresh from routine, fitness center and tennis court for daily exercise and broadband internet for college project and watching movie streaming.

How about a family, an employee and executive? They have also been benefited by the proximity from office and shopping center. From here, tenants can reach Depok Town Square and Margo City by foot. And Bunda Margonda Hospital become the nearest healthcare provider from Mares apartment.

Neighborhood Around Margonda Residence

Margonda Residence give many convenient to tenants who worked around Depok and Lenteng Agung, even though the apartment stands at the Jakarta's suburb. This apartment also quite popular among college students, because of affordable price and location that close to Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Pancasila and Universitas Gunadarma. They prefer to rent a unit at Margonda Residence than living at shared house near their campus.

When residents is not feeling well, they could go to Bunda Margonda hospital near their residence. If they want to go shopping, they could head to D'mall, Depok Townsquare and Plaza Depok, featured lifestyle center in Depok which have provided daily needs, culinary and entertainment for tenants. Another advantage of living in Margonda Residence regarding the neighborhood is tenants can get easy access to Tol JORR and Lenteng Agung.

How to Rent Margonda Residence Fast and Easy

Do you already know all the things in Margonda Residence? Interested in living in Margonda Residence? Rent on Jendela360 instead. Don’t bother yourself seeking a single unit on different pages of an online website. Just visit this page and you will find hundreds of Margonda Residence apartment unit ready to rent. Another benefit renting through this platform is you can have a virtual tour using 360-degree technology. Do you want to rent Margonda Residence apartment monthly? You could pick Margonda Residence apartment with Star Listing label attached to it. Besides can be paid monthly, another advantage of Star Listing unit is its well-maintained room condition and additional furniture. Do you still have any questions regarding Margonda Residence? Please read Margonda Residence review before renting an apartment unit in Jendela360 or you could call our Customer Representative for further explanation Margonda Residence is one of the most famous apartments among other apartments in Depok and its price is competitive. Find more dream apartment in South Jakarta, such as Margonda Residence 2 and Saladdin Mansion only at Jendela360.