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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Ancol

Apartment in Ancol

Ancol has been widely known by people with recreational facilities. But Ancol also has a large selection of apartments. The strategic location of Ancol facilitates access to reach various regions. So that many people choose apartments in Ancol such as the Mediterranean Marina Marina Ancol Apartment, Ancol Mansion Apartment, and Northland Ancol Residence as a place to live.

Apartments in Ancol offer exotic beach views that cannot be found in other apartments. In addition, other facilities also complement residents' comfort such as children's play area, 24-hour security system, swimming pool, and many more. The apartment in Ancol is also surrounded by educational and health facilities that have international quality standards.

Tourist Attraction

Ancol with recreational parks has many zones ranging from beaches, fantasy worlds, oceanic arenas, art markets, and more. Attractions of the game can be enjoyed in Dufan (Fantasy World). Dufan has several regions with different themes such as Jakarta in the past, Europe, America, Indonesia, Asia, fantasy stories, and Greek fantasies.

At SeaWorld rides, visitors can enjoy the charm of the sea. Visitors can enter the underwater passageway with invisibility domes and automatic walkways. In the main aquarium area, there are thousands of marine animals from various species. This aquarium is recorded as the second largest seawater aquarium in Southeast Asia. The beach of Ancol Carnaval is one of the spots to enjoy the beach scenery. This beach is clean and cool by the many trees. Visitors can also enjoy music concerts at certain events in this place.

The next beach tourist destination is at the Ancol Festival Beach. It is located west of Ancol. Visitors can enjoy sea views from the wooden dock or rent a tour boat provided. Ancol is also a haven for connoisseurs of art with the presence of the Ancol Art Market. There are hundreds of stalls displaying the work of painting artists, craftsmen, and sculptors. Ancol Art Market is not far from Sea World. Here visitors can enjoy music offerings that present musicians from the community of music lovers. Snacks and knick-knacks add to the excitement of the atmosphere in this place.

Culinary tour

Not just a beach tour, Ancol also has a culinary appeal. There are many choices of places to pamper your tongue. Almost all variations of food can be found in this region, especially those related to seafood. Bandar Djakarta restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood menu.

Visitors can enjoy food while enjoying the roar of the waves and the breeze, complete with views directly to the sea. There is also a Jimbaran restaurant located in the Carnaval Beach area. Balinese characteristics are very visible in this restaurant. Apart from seafood, visitors can enjoy other menus such as chicken and Balinese fried duck.

To enjoy coffee with an outdoor concept, Columbus Cafe can be an option. The atmosphere of this cafe is very unique and feels comfortable because it faces the sea. This cafe is also often used for outdoor weddings and birthday parties.


Because it is in a strategic area, it is not difficult to reach various places from Ancol. There are many transportation options that can be used starting from commuter line KRLs, TransJakarta buses, or buses / public transportation. Online and conventional motorbikes and taxis can also be used as alternatives to support mobility towards other regions. For example commuter line KRL can be used to reach Bogor, Bekasi, or Serpong. It is also not difficult to go to the central business district such as Sarinah, Bundaran HI, or Setiabudi with TransJakarta corridor 1, majoring in Kota - Blok M. TransJakarta corridor 5, department of Ancol - Kampung Melayu can be used to reach Mangga Dua or Pasar Senen.

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