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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Barito

Apartment in Barito, South Jakarta

Staying in an apartment in Barito means you will easily reach Pondok Indah Mall, Gandaria City Mall, and Senayan City Mall which can be used as shopping and entertainment destination. Oakwood Suites La Maison as one of the apartments in Barito is in an exclusive location famous among expatriates.

Apartments in Barito offer modern facilities ranging from fitness centers, function rooms, ATM centers, swimming pools, 24-hour security, children's playgrounds and more. Type of unit offered apartments in Barito ranging from type 1 BR, 2 BR, and 3 BR. Apartments in Barito are ideal place to stay for you who have many activities in this region.

Touritst attraction & entertainment

Langsat Park (Taman Langsat) which located on Jl. Barito, Kebayoran Baru, become a suitable tourist destination for all ages. This 3.6 hectare park is very easy to reach, especially from Blok M terminal and Mayestik Market. Morning is the perfect time for you to take the family to this park because the air is still fresh because of the many shady trees. In the park area there is also a jogging track that reaches 750 meters long and has a width of 2 meters. While sitting and chatting, you can enjoy the lotus pond that cools the eyes. Kids can also play the swings and slings.

Not far from the park, there is Barito Bird Market on Jalan Barito Raya No.57 which is suitable for pet lovers or maybe just want to look around. At the Barito Bird Market, you can find other pets such as rabbits, lorises, iguanas, and other types of pet animals.

Kiosk along Barito Street provides a variety of pet needs such as cages, feed, and other equipment at affordable prices. To feed pets, buyers can get them in large and small quantities. Although the form of a traditional market, the quality is not inferior to the shops in the shopping center.


Many culinary snacks you can found in the Barito area with varying prices, ranging from expensive to pocket-friendly. Poultry Chicken Barito (Bubur Ayam Barito) on Jalan Gandaria Tengah 3, became one of the most frequent eating places visited by the buyer. What makes porridge here different is the presentation with a raw chicken egg that is directly inserted into the porridge. Hot porridge can ripen raw eggs, so visitors need not worry when eating. Barito Chicken Porridge has a thick texture and served with chunks of chicken and youtiao (Chinese fried churros) and tasty cheese stick.

To enjoy other Indonesian menu, you can come to Soto Jakarta Bang Madun which is located at Jalan Barito 1. Soto Jakarta Bang Madun has a brown gravy color because of extra cashew nuts also creates a savory taste. Here you can choose the type of offal you want.

Gultik on Jl. Mahakam No.28 became the next culinary destination in the Barito area. Gultik is a place to eat curry that has existed since the 80s. Here, you can eat curry cow with coconut milk with savory taste served with a sprinkling of fried onions, soy sauce, and crackers.

Pipiltin Cocoa Jl. Barito II No.5, become must-go place for you true chocolate lovers. Here you can enjoy various chocolate preparations. There are many snacks made from chocolate like Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Pralines. Additional interior design with industrial theme also makes visitors really enjoy the atmosphere in this place.


Many public transportation options available in Barito area make it easier for you to reach various areas. Metromini 69 can be your choice to reach some areas such as Kebayoran Lama, Cipulir, Kreo, Mencong, and Ciledug. While Metromini S611 pass Pondok Indah artery area, Ciputat Raya, Pondok Pinang, to Jalan TB Simatupang. To reach Gandaria City, Tanah Kusir, Bintaro, and Rempoa, just ride Metromini S74.

Besides it, motorcycles and car taxis conventional or online-based is also easy to find in Barito. Both are often used because it is more convenient and quick to reach the destination.

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