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Tourist Attraction

South Jakarta is known as a region that has a lot of open space area and fresher air rather than the others Jakarta regions. In Cipete, there is Sawo park that located in Taman Sawo Housing Villa. This park has a 2.692 meter square space with the average visitors of 100 people every day. In this park, you can enjoy various facilities that are offered start from playground park, futsal and basketball court, and also library.

For you who like to play badminton, there are two options to play this game in Cipete which are in Cipete sports arena, Bunga Anggrek street no.9 and Alix Badminton Training Centre, Cipete III street No.10. Besides that, the shopping malls are also reachable from Cipete area supported by the easy access towards Cilandak Town Square, Pondok Indah Mall, and Lippo Mall Kemang.


Along Cipete Raya street, you can find a lot of cool cafes and restaurants that offer various culinary tastes. One of the examples is Toodz House that located in Cipete Raya street No.79. At first, this café is just a house that already remade as a unique café and comfortable hangout place. The front part of the house is a parking area like a garage. In front of the house, there is a terrace with a fence of various green plants. In the inside, there is an area like living room with comfortable chairs and sofas. The visitors can also enjoy various tastes of coffee in here.

To enjoy various rice menus in Cipete, you can come to Nasi Pedes Cipete which is located in Cipete Raya street VIII. The interior of this place has a homey concept with wooden and bamboo accent. There is a lot of offered rice menus start from Nasi Kunyit (Turmeric Rice), Nasi Kluwek, and Nasi Kencur (Aromatic Ginger Rice). The served dishes are food combination from various areas. Several dishes options that you can choose are Sambal Matah, Sambal Geledek, Ayam Kecombrang, Paru Ketumbar, Kulit Ayam Pedas, and Suwir Daging Pedas.

The next culinary destination in Cipete is SRSLY Coffee. This coffee shop has a large parking area. The affogato and espresso coffee are the main menus in this place. Good playlist, a cup of coffee and other exquisite menus will definitely make you pleased to stay in this SRSLY Coffee that located in Cipete Raya street no. 7C.


Cipete area is supported by its transportation mediums that satisfy the residents to reach various places. For transportation like Kopaja, there is S 605 that can be used towards the areas of Panglima Polim, Fatmawati, Kemang, Cilandak and Pasar Rebo. Meanwhile, Kopaja S 615 can be used to reach Karet, Gatot Subroto, Senayan and Lebak Bulus. Besides that, to head Blok M or Pondok Labu area, you can use Metromini 610.

The public city car is also available in Cipete area. KWK S11 can be an alternative if you want to reach Pejaten, Pasar Jum’at, and Lebak Bulus. While, if you want to reach Melawai and Cilandak Town Square, KWK S01 can be worked out.

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