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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Rawasari

Tourist attraction

Jalan Cempaka Putih Barat XXVI is a tourist destination to unwind which is suitable for families. Arcici Park is a water playground and sport. Visitors do not need to pay dearly to enter this tourist spot. There is an Olympic size swimming pool and a children's pool equipped with a waterslider. In addition to the swimming pool, visitors can also take advantage of the fitness center and sauna facilities.

To enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with fresh air, just come to the Scout Park which is located on Jalan Pramuka. This park has an area of 2,844 square meters and is located close to several important places such as the Genjing Market and the TransJakarta bus stop. The beautiful garden atmosphere makes visitors feel comfortable here. In addition, there are food vendors around the park.

As a choice of shopping malls in Rawasari, there are Green Pramuka Square Mall located on Jl. Ahmad. Yani No.49. This mall is a fun place for families and a facility to fulfill various daily needs. The mall consists of 139 rental units which are divided into 3 floors. Some tenants here include Ace Hardware, Funworld, and Lotte Mart. This mall is also equipped with CGV Blitz as a comfortable place to enjoy the latest films.

Culinary tour

Bebek Salero on Jalan Rawasari Selatan No.51 offers duck dishes with delicious flavors and affordable prices. Lesehan seating options are available here. Green chili duck and grilled duck are some menu choices that can be enjoyed. For fish lovers, there is Radja Gurame in Rawasari which is located at Jl. Cempaka Putih Raya No. 137. Gurame chili chili is a menu that is ordered a lot here. Visitors can enjoy the meal while enjoying the music. This place is also suitable for various family events.

To enjoy a typical Middle Eastern menu, there is Arabic Restaurant Jakarta - Central Al Jazeerah on Jl. Great Scout No. C23. Visitors can choose a private area equipped with a large table when eating with family. This dining place is dominated by gold and red colors and black interiors that accentuate the impression of luxury. The lamb mandhi carcoal grill is a must-try menu here.

Choices of places to eat that are suitable for reunion or social gathering are at White House Cempaka Putih, which is located at Jl. Cempaka Putih Tengah 1 No. 38. There are a variety of food choices and live music that makes visitors feel at home. In addition there are also swimming pool facilities to add to the fun of eating here. Sweet Bread on Jl. State Printing No.64 can be a dining choice for enjoying various kinds of toast in the Rawasari region. There are many flavors of toast offered. Although it is always crowded by visitors, the available parking area is sufficient so that visitors still feel comfortable.


The TransJakarta corridor 10 mode of transportation has become the choice of Rawasari residents to reach the Cawang, UKI, Prumpung, Kelapa Gading, and Tanjung Priok areas. There is also Mikrolet M04 with the route Cililitan, Jatinegara, Gembrong Market, Pisangan Lama, and Kayu Putih.

To go to Senen, Cempaka Putih, ITC Cempaka Mas, Jalan Pemuda, and Rawamangun, Metromini P03 so the right mode of transportation was chosen. Not to forget PPD 43 as a mode for taking Pisangan, Sunter, Plumpang, and Tanjung Priok areas. While the JP04 APB is very appropriate to use if you want to go to Paseban, State Printing, and Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani.

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