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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Jatinegara

Tourism / Entertainment

Behind the busy life of Jatinegara as a business and trade area, various tourist destinations can be visited by the public, especially on weekends and holidays. For pilgrimage tours in Jatinegara, there is the Tomb of Prince Jayakarta located on Jalan Jatinegara Kaum, East Jakarta. Prince Jayakarta was known as the leader of Jayakarta (Jakarta) in the Dutch colonial era. In this cemetery that has an area of 3000 m2, there is also the grave of the family and the descendants of Prince Jayakarta.

Not far from this cemetery, about 100 meters away, there is the Tomb of Prince Sanghyang, precisely on Jl. Jatinegara Kaum No.55. Prince Sanghyang is a Banten noble who fought against the Dutch. The funeral area was cool because there were several shady trees around it.

As an alternative shopping tourism destination, people in the Jatinegara area can come to Mall @ Bassura located on Jl. Basuki Rahmat East Jakarta. This 4.5-storey mall targets upper middle class because of its location close to business centers and apartments. Mall @ Bassura provides a variety of facilities to meet the shopping needs of the Jatinegara and surrounding communities by presenting the concept of a shopping center for families with unique and interesting interior design.


Previously in the Jatinegara area there were many Chinese food restaurants, because many of its citizens were of Chinese descent. But now it's not difficult to find various types of culinary in this region. Ayam Bengkel Prekkkk located on Jl. Jatinegara Barat Raya Jatinegara, can be an alternative to enjoying chicken-based food. This restaurant uses chicken fillets which are fried in flour so that they are boneless and easy to eat. The chicken served is combined with mozzarella cheese, fried cabbage, eggs or other. Visitors can also determine the level of spiciness themselves ordered.

As a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in Jatinegara, there is The Godbrewer which is located at Jl. Gen. Basuki Rahmat, Jatinegara. In this place visitors can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Design the room with wood accents and matching furniture with a retro impression adding to the comfort of visitors. Chili hot rice is one of the signature dishes in this cafe.


Jatinegara is an area in the capital that is always crowded. To support the mobility of residents residing in this area, the government provides supporting transportation facilities. Many public transports across Jatinegara account for this region as an important area.

To reach the Bogor and Bekasi areas, Jatinegara residents can use the commuter line KRL from the Jatinegara train station. TransJakarta corridor 5, department of Ancol - Kampung Melayu and corridor 7, department of Kampung Melayu - Rambutan also serves residents residing in this area. In addition, there is Kopaja S 612 to go to Ragunan, Mikrolet M 21 to go to Pulogadung, and Metromini S 61 to reach Manggarai.

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