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Jakarta Selatan

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Jakarta Selatan

South Jakarta, frequently abbreviated as â??Jakselâ? in Bahasa, is the second most densely city in Special Region of Jakarta. The resident density is 15000 people per kilometer square. The climate here is similar to most of the cities in Indonesia, which is tropic. The average temperature in this city is 27.6 Celsius degrees.

South Jakarta is one of the most complex city in Indonesia. This city offers many things from skyscraper building, unique architecture, event or activity. This city also offers many types of food, ranging from local to international delicacy. Nonetheless, this city offers a lucrative business opportunity as a heart of the nation business center.

If you are looking apartment for rent in South Jakarta, such as in Kuningan, Gandaria, Kemang or TB Simatupang. You can easily find it on our website

Searching Apartment for Rent in South Jakarta

Did you know that South Jakarta is one of the richest city regions and also the most aimed city to live compared to other city regions in Indonesia. It is one of the most favorite living spaces for the wealthy class of Indonesian or Expatriate, thanks to its rapid development which is balanced between offices, high-end housing, and commercial areas. To date, the development of Massive Rapid Transportation (MRT) Lebak Bulus to Kuningan is on the way to its completion.

South Jakarta also offers the most widely selection of apartments to choose. District like Kemang, Gandaria, Senayan, TB Simatupang and Kuningan is one of the most popular places to live in South Jakarta.

How Much Apartment for Rent in South Jakarta Price?

The price is vary a lot. But sometimes you can find an apartment rented for 200$ per month for the smallest type (studio type). But in the most cases average rental price for the apartment in South Jakarta is higher than another area, mostly in the popular one like Kuningan, Kemang, and Gandaria. The price difference is affected by several factors such as location, facility, and proximity to public transportation.

Information About Renting Apartment Unit in South Jakarta

  • Number of building : there are 87 available to choose at
  • Unit Type : Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3+ Bedrooms
  • Pricing : best pricing starts from 250$ a month
  • Payment : Cash / Credit up to 12x with credit card
  • Furnish : Full furnish, Semi furnish and Non furnished unit are available for rent

Best Things You Must Do in South Jakarta

This city has so many nice places to hang out or visit. There is also much fun of activity you can do in South Jakarta like shopping in the mall, watching cinema, enjoy wide selection of fine dining. But beyond that, the city still has much to offer.

For you who love history choose an apartment for rent in South Jakarta, you can visit Satria Mandala museum which is located at Gatot Subroto street. This museum offers war armory collection such as tank, missile, and riffle. Turning to Pondok Labu you can find Kites Museum. In this museum, you will find so many type of kites, starting from the arm size kite, to human size kite. You can also see many traditional kite from another remote island of Indonesia and also unique kites from another country.

For the weekend, instead of going to the mall, you can as well visit Ragunan Zoo and Ragunan Orchid Garden which is, obviously, located at Ragunan. There you can various types of animals like reptiles, birds, and mammals. Fun Fact : Did you know that Ragunan Zoo is the cheapest entrance fee Zoo in the world?

If you are looking for culinary experience. There lots of delicious food in South Jakarta. The range from local taste to western food is available in South Jakarta. Popular area for food hunting in South Jakarta are Kemang, Blok M, Gandaria City Mall, and Senopati. So if you pick an apartment for rent in South Jakarta, you can get all of these activities.

Living in South Jakarta

South Jakarta is a vast city. Every bit of the city offers various experiences. But there would be more beneficial reason to live in South Jakarta than its advisory reason like traffic jam. Of course, the business opportunity is one of the reason why people choose to live in South Jakarta.

Living costs if you pick an apartment for rent in South Jakarta, consider more pricey than other cities in Indonesia. If you are a newcomer with tight budget you might want to consider budget apartment to stay in. If you’re talking about apartment they’re usually strategically located to business center and frequently nearby to food center.

With all the benefit and luxury offers by this city, being the center of finance, technology, and entertainment that is ever growing. With no doubt, South Jakarta has a high demand of living space, including apartment.

If you’re interested to stay and rent an apartment unit in South Jakarta, feel free to explore our browse apartment page at You can find almost every apartment available in South Jakarta, complete with 360 Virtual Tour, 0% installment payment with the competitive price offered and comprehensive selection of units to choose. So if you looking apartment for rent in South Jakarta, first in your mind is Jendela360.

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Frequently Asked Question Jakarta Selatan

Apartemen baru di Jakarta Selatan yakni Altuera Southgate, The Elements, Vasaka Solterra, Pollux Skysuites dan Arumaya.

Harga termurah sewa apartemen Jakarta Selatan mulai dari Rp2.500.000 per bulan, di Kalibata City Green Palace.

Serviced apartment di Jakarta Selatan diantaranya Ascott Apartment, Fraser Residence, Oakwood Suites La Maison, Somerset Permata Berlian Jakarta, Puri Casablanca, Citadines Rasuna, Fairmont Hotel and Residence, Sangri-la Residence, dan Batavia Apartment.

Apartemen Unfurnished di Jakarta Selatan disewakan mulai dari Rp22.000.000 per tahun.

Apartemen Jakarta Selatan yang dekat stasiun yaitu, apartemen Kalibata City, Kalibata City Green Palace, Verde Residence dan Altuera Southgate.

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