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Frequently Asked Question Kuningan

Harga sewa apartemen di Kuningan berkisar dari Rp4.500.000 - Rp25.500.000 per bulan

Apartemen baru di Kuningan adalah Branz Mega Kuningan dan Newton Ciputra World 2.

Apartemen dekat Kuningan City adalah Denpasar Residence (130 meter), Ambassador Apartment (300 meter) dan Kuningan Place (2,1 km).

Apartemen yang ada di Karet Kuningan yaitu Kuningan City Denpasar Residence, Ciputra World 2 Apartment, Taman Rasuna, Aston Rasuna, The Wave Apartment, Somerset Grand Citra Kuningan, Bellagio Residence dan Puri Casablanca.

Apartemen di Mega Kuningan yaitu South Hills Apartment, Bellagio Mansion, dan Grove Apartment.
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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kuningan

History of Kuningan

In the past, Kuningan is well know as cow farm, producing fresh milk. Many of the resident owns cow farm around their home dan owns spacious grass field. Other than being stock farmer, senior residents in the past has also became tofu seller and sell it all the way to Menteng. From the book of '212 Asal Usul Djakarta Tempo Doloe' by Zaenuddin HM, Kuningan name derrives from the great amount of resident came from Kuningan Regency of west Java Province who lived and stayed for generations, thus making people in the past called this area Kuningan. That very name is still being used until now whereby Kuningan has evolved from swamps and forests into and elite and famous area thanks to the amount of offices, houses, apartments, modern shopping centre, and urban lifestyle centre.

Apartment in Kuningan, Jakarta

Kuningan is well known as location of many embassies as well as dominated by offices area. A sum of apartment in Kuningan such as Verde Residence, The Wave apartment, and Ambassade Residence can be a solution for people of Jakarta who want to avoid traffic and able to get to destination faster, enjoying entertainment service, etc.

Tourist attraction & entertainment

Kuningan saves a lot of tourism spot that could serves as entertainment as well as fatigue and tired remover. Starting from shopping, night activity, up to art and culture can be found here. Few places for shopping around kuningan are Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue and Pacific Place.

Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue is one of the biggest shopping mall in Kuningan. With concept similar with malls in South Korea, Lotte Shopping Avenue providesvarious famous anchor tenant starting from entertainment, culinary, fashion, supermarket, up to electronic which offers interesting experience to its guests.

Slightly shifted, there is Kuningan City Mall who become the new darling of shopping destination while touring Jakartas streets. Kuningan City Mall has become part of complex area Kuningan City which combine mall, two apartment tower (Kuningan City - Denpasar Residence), and one office building (AXA Tower).

For those who love nightlife, you could come to Exodus which located at Kuningan City Mall. Exodus club located at fifth floor Kuningan City. Comfortable place with entertainment from International DJ has become guarantee given from Exodus to its loyal customer.


Culinary hunting in Kuningan has become one of the "must do" activity if you happen to stay in this area. Few legendary culinary can also be found in Kuningan, such as Setiabudi Noodle with its best menu such as Special Fried Noddle, Anchovy Fried Rice, and Seafood Fried Kwey Tiau which each will cost you Rp 20,000 per portion.

There is another Mbah Jingkrak restaurant which uses Javanese food but served in a unique way, like recommended menu like Ayam Rambut Setan, Sambal Demit, and Es Surga each with starting price Rp 25,000 per portion.


As a business district, public transportation in Kuningan has been inseparable. Various public transportation can be found in Kuningan district starting from Angkutan Kota (Angkot), taxi, bus, Transjakarta, train, up to online transportation.

If you choose to use angkot or public bus, please do pay attention the number or route listed on the vehicle or you could ask the driver himself if you are unsure. On average, it falls at range Rp 4,000 - Rp 6,500. On the other hand, for Transjakarta bus stop around Kuningan there are Karet Kuningan, Patra Kuningan, Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi Utara AINI, and GOR Sumantri. Lastly, for nearest train station, it is Sudirman train station.

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