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Frequently Asked Question Kemayoran

Apartemen subsidi di Kemayoran adalah Apartemen Bandar Kemayoran

Harga sewa apartemen termurah di Kemayoran adalah Rp2.250.000 per bulan di Mediterania Palace Kemayoran.

Apartemen murah di Kemayoran ada di Mediterania Palace Kemayoran, The Mansion Kemayoran Bougenville dan Springhill Terrace Residence.

Apartemen terbaru di Kemayoran adalah The Linq Kemayoran Jakarta Apartment, Townhouse and Condotel

Apartemen-apartemen di Kemayoran yaitu The Mansion Kemayoran Jasmine, The Mansion Kemayoran Bougenville, Royale Springhill Residence, Springhill Terrace Residence, Mediterania Palace Residence, The Boutique at Kemayoran, Graha Cempaka Apartment, dan Medit
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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kemayoran


A few decades ago, Kemayoran is the first international airport in Indonesia. Before become an airport, Kemayoran just a swamp and field with little colony. Kemayoran resident in that time is a assimilation from other region like Pajajaran, Demak, Mataram, and foreign immigrant. After Belanda occupy Kemayoran, there is more immigrant coming like from Cina, India, Sumatera, and East Indonesia for roughneck. A hundreds year later, Kemayoran is growing with many apartment, office building, and public transportation. Now, Kemayoran is transforming from international airport to CBD, residence, and art and culture centre.

Apartment in Kemayoran

Kemayoran located in strategic location with easy access to everywhere. Many apartment in Kemayoran like Condominium Rajawali and The Mansion Bougenville Kemayoran is the answer for people who looking for residence in downtown. Resident in this area will get easy access to many public facilities, entertainment, and culinary.

Don't need to worry about education beacause you can find a few international school in Kemayoran like Universal School, Gandhi Memorial School, and Jubille School near Mediterania Lagoon Residence. Meanwhile, Springhill Terrace Residence have many unit type variation which suit for businessman, young executive, and samll family.


Every year, Jakarta Fair will held at June 22th in Kemayoran. You can find many entertainment like music concert, carnival, cosplay, and kids playground. Not just an entertainment, Jakarta Fair also provide Indonesia aunthentic food and exhibition from famous tenants. Automotive, electronic, fashion, and many more is the best thing you can find in Jakarta Fair.

For art lover, please come and visit Museum Art Mon Decor. Many painting maestro like Affandi, Sunaryo, and Srihadi Soedarsono held their exhibition here. Of course, you take many Instragammable picture in this museum.

Not just painting, music enthusiast can visit Aula Simfonia. This first auditorium in Jakarta is exclusive for classic music concert. An international orchestra oftenly held a concert in this auditorium.


Kemayoran also a nice place for culinary hunting. You can find many authentic Indonesian food in Jl Garuda. The favourite is Ketan Susu Kemayoran, a sticky rice with coconut and milk. Only Rp 5.000 to try this popular traditional food from 1960.

In Jl Garuda, you also can find other delicious popular food like Soto Mie Pak Kumis and Pempek Garuda.


To reach Kemayoran area, you can use public transportation like angkot, bus, TransJakarta, or online based transportation. Don't forget pay attention to angkot or bus route. It usually written on vehicle's body, but make sure again with asking to the driver.

If you using TransJakarta, there's only one TransJakarta shelter in Kemayoran. Landas Pacu Timur shelter located in Pluit-Kemang-Tanjung Priok (koridor 12) route. Or wanna try train? You can stop at Kemayoran Station.

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