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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Semanggi

Tourist Attractions/Entertainment

Semanggi area has a green open spaces or park that can be used as a rest area and stress reliever from the traffic jam of Jakarta. This park becomes the best medium for those who like run or ride a bicycle in the morning. With the presence of car free day events, there is a lot of capital city residents that spend their Sunday morning in Taman Semanggi.

Plaza Semanggi becomes the next tourist destination. Having a status as one of complete shopping centers in Jakarta, Plaza Semanggi offers various Jakarta residents’ needs start from Café, Restaurants, until Fashion Products with International Brands.

Besides shopping and culinary, Plaza Semanggi has a famous concert hall in the capital city. The hall is called Balai Sarbini. This concert building that is built in 1963 has a good reputation known by its fantastic sound system, lighting, and multimedia.


As a business, occupancy and educational area, the existence of eating places and restaurants in Semanggi just like words and papers. Semanggi area has culinary spots that can satisfy appetite in Jakarta. First, there is Warung Leko that is located in Plaza Semanggi 3A floor. In this restaurant, the visitors are offered with delicious culinary of Indonesia. Main menus like Iga Sapi Penyet, Gurame Bledek, as well as Es Kopi Durian are worthy to be tasted.

In Plaza Semanggi 3A floor which is the location of food court, there is also other eating places and restaurants that are a must to try. There are various menus like Doner Kebab, D Crepes, Bakso, Ayam Fatmawati, Rice Bowl and other foods. However, if you like a romantic atmosphere, you can find it in The Skydining where from here you can see the scenery of skyscraper buildings.


The existence of transportations in Semanggi becomes very important regarding that this area is so strategic. One of transportation modes that can be found in Semanggi is TransJakarta with nearest stop which is Semanggi Stop. Available in corridor 9, busway that always pass Semanggi that also serves two routes which are long route (Pinang Ranti – Pluit) and short route (Cililitan – Grogol).

Besides TransJakarta, the options of transportation modes in Semanggi are Public Car, Taxi, Mini Bus (Metro Mini), Big Bus (PPD, Bianglala, Mayasari Bakti), until Online Based-Transportations. Please pay attention if you choose to go with public car or city bus, pay attention to the numbers or the routes that are placed in the transport or you can ask the drivers for details.

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