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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Slipi


It is said that he said, the name Slipi was taken from English sleepy which means sleepy. In the past, in the era of the 70-80s, this area was called the Bunderan Slipi because the shape of the road was circular so the vehicle had to rotate if it wanted to change its direction. Because the shape of the track is circular, congestion is inevitable which often results in motorists drowsy (in English: sleepy ).

In his book entitled "The Origins of Tempo Doo Djakarta," Zaenuddin HM stated that Slipi had been known as one of the commercial centers in Batavia (Jakarta) since the days of British colonialism. The leader of British colonialism at that time led by Governor Thomas Stamford Raffles designated Slipi as a commercial area. The famous trade in the Slipi area in the past included tea, coffee, Arabic cloth, Chinese ceramics, spices, and pulses. From the beginning, Slipi had been inhabited by some ethnics groups consisting of natives, ethnic Chinese, Arabs, and descendants of Dutch and English.

Apartment in Slipi

The Slipi area, which is close to many shopping centers such as Senayan City, Senayan Plaza, Gandaria Mall, Taman Anggrek Mall, and Central Park Mall, makes the residents of Slipi apartments not difficult to fulfill various needs. In addition, there are many educational facilities in the region, ranging from Bina Nusantara University, Trisakti, Tarumanegara, Atmajaya, Inti College, Ukrida, to Esa Unggul. Slipi Apartments, Semanggi Apartments, and GP Plaza Apartments are the choice of apartments in Slipi that offer various facilities for residents.

The Slipi area has easy access to reach business areas in Sudirman, Senayan and surrounding areas. Of course, this is what business owners or individuals who are active in the region are looking for. Property developers not only build apartments in strategic locations but also create comfortable dwellings by completing them with many facilities such as swimming pools, children's play areas, fitness centers, health clinics, pharmacies, and more.

Tourism / Entertainment

Although famous for its commercial and residential areas, Slipi also presents several alternative tourist destinations in the city that can be visited. The closest, the Slipi community and other capital residents can come to Slipi Jaya Plaza. The existing shopping center from 1990 provides various tenants who offer entertainment for visitors such as Fun World and Slipi Cinema XXI.

Besides entertainment, visitors can also go shopping and enjoy culinary offerings. Some tenants were presented to satisfy the shopping desires of visitors such as Giant, Fashion Corner, and Electronic Glodok. There are Norishima, Mister Baso, California Fried Chicken, Texas Fried Chickens, Pizza Hut, Solaria, and Dunkin Donuts if you looking for a restaurant.

For those who want to "escape" from the hustle and bustle of the capital, can visit one of the largest parks in Slipi namely Cattleya Park or commonly known as Taman Tomang. The park, which has an area of almost three hectares, is located precisely at the Tomang intersection - heading to Kebon Jeruk Tol and making it a tourist destination in Slipi that promises tranquility and peace


For culinary lovers, Slipi saves a variety of legendary culinary delights. One of them is Asinan Petamburan which is located on Jl. Aipda KS Tubun, Petamburan No 136, Jakarta. Famous since 1980, this Asinan Betawi offers a sensation of freshness that is different from other Betawi pickles. If generally pickled using vinegar, Asinan Petamburan uses natural ingredients namely fermented salt which makes a different acidic and fresh sensation on the tongue.

Besides Asinan Petamburan, there is also a five-star culinary but a five-star taste that is in the vicinity of Slipi. Is Chicken Porridge Mang Den which is usually 'hung' in front of Pelni Hospital into a culinary that must be tried. Additional bean sprouts and a splash of vinegar make Mang Den chicken porridge taste delicious and provide a crunchy sensation when eaten.

Another place to eat in the Slipi area that you can try is Dapur Kuring which is located on Jl. Lt. Gen. S. Parman No. 57, Slipi. This traditional concept restaurant serves a typical menu from the Sunda region where the atmosphere of the restaurant is so beautiful and calm because of the many saung that can be different choices when hunting places to eat in Slipi. Dapur Kuring is also suitable for office and family gathering.


In order to support the activities and smooth business in the Slipi area, various modes of transportation are available that can be used by the public. Starting from city transportation, taxis, buses, Transjakarta, to online application-based transportation that can be ordered directly by your phone.

If you want to choose a bus/city transportation, you can choose Mayasari Bakti P 55 bus with Grogol - UKI, PPD P 54 Grogol - Depok, Kopaja AC S 13 Grogol - Ragunan Belakang, PPD P 213 Grogol - Kampung Melayu. Everything can be found around Plaza Slipi Jaya. The average fare for angkot / mikrolet / city buses through Slipi Jaya Plaza ranges from Rp.4,000-Rp.6500. Whereas, for the Transjakarta bus stop around Slipi or Plaza Slipi Jaya there is the Slipi Kemanggisan stop with the route Pinang Ranti - Pluit (corridor 9) and the PGC - Grogol 2 route.

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