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Kampung Melayu

Tourism / Entertainment

There are various choices of affordable tourist destinations in Malay Village. Are you a fan or jewelry stone collector? Just come to the Jakarta Gems Center (Rawa Bening Market), located on Jl. West Bekasi in No.2. JGC. Jakarta Gems Center is the largest jewelry marketplace in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia. The location is opposite Jatinegara station and consists of 4 floors filled with various gemstone creations from artisans. In this place you can also see the processing or polishing of gemstones and agate.

The next tourist destination is the Jatinegara Struggle Monument on Jalan Matraman Raya No. 212, Bidara Cina. This monument was built to commemorate the people's struggle during the war for independence in the East Jakarta region. Jatinegara Struggle Monument is built on a 3 meter high runway. The statue of a monument resembling a young man holding a rifle and arms crossing his chest was equipped with weapons in the form of pistols, grenades and machetes. Next to him stands a statue of a boy in shorts without bare feet.

For those of you who like to exercise, you can enjoy a variety of sports facilities available at Gelangang Remaja East Jakarta (GOR Otista). Located at Jl. Otto Iskandardinata Raya No. 121, the GOR is equipped with an auditorium building, swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, parking area, park, and canteen, and other supporting facilities.


Kampung Melayu has many dining options that can be your culinary destination with friends or family. Al-Jazeerah on Jl. Cipinang Cempedak I No. 29 for example, this shop can be your choice to enjoy Middle Eastern menus. Arriving at this restaurant, you will be welcomed by a magnificent atmosphere with modern Arabic interior design. Choosing to eat here do not miss to order a dish of Briyani Rice which is one of the favorite menus at Al-Jazeerah. The uniqueness of the Rice Briyani Al-Jazeerah is the aroma of its strong spices so you won't smell the smell of a goat at all.

Want to enjoy a typical Betawi menu? In Kampung Melayu there is Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Kampung Melayu which is located at Jl. Kampung Melayu Besar I (Under the Bridge of Crossing). In this place visitors can directly choose the menu that will be enjoyed. The rice menu available here is only nasi uduk, but there are many choices of side dishes such as fried chicken spices, lung satay, satay ceker, satay ati-ampela, and tofu and tempeh.

For those of you who come from outside Jakarta, especially from the East Java area and are missing out on culinary origin, you can visit the Warung Tahu Campur Cak Jamal on Jl. Otista Raya. This shop serves a unique menu of mixed tofu with a mixture of kikil, vegetables, tofu, and uli. In addition to mixed tofu menus you can also enjoy a variety of other typical Surabaya snacks, including tofu tek-tek, cingur rujak, and many more.


Kampung Melayu Terminal becomes the most infrastructure for transportation in the East Jakarta region. From this terminal you can choose various types of transportation that make it easy for you to reach various places. Call it, TransJakarta Corridor 7 with the route Kampung Rambutan - Kampung Melayu. This mode can be used to reach the T.B area. Simatupang, Pasar Rebo, Cililitan, Cawang, and Otista.

There is also Mikrolet M01 which can be used to reach areas around Matraman, Salemba, and Kramat. For bus options, in Kampung Melayu there is the S612 Kopaja which can be used to reach the Pancoran and Mampang areas.

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