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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kebayoran Lama
Kebayoran Lama

Apartment in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta

Pakubuwono Terrace, Four Winds, Pakubuwono View, Senayan Residence, 1 Park Avenue (The Hamilton), and Pondok Indah Golf Apartment are some of the apartments located in Kebayoran Lama. This area indeed has a very fast development. Kebayoran Lama has become many people’s favorite area for place to live. As the result, many apartments built in Kebayoran Lama.

Botanica Apartment, Senayan City Residence, Taman Puri Permata Hijau, Gandaria Heights Apartment, and Grand ITC Permata Hijau, provide exclusive amenities for the tenants, such as swimming pool, children playground, multi function room, 24 hour security, and many more. Permata Hijau Residences, Belleza Apartment, and Somerset Permata Berlian Residence as well, provide various unit options which tenants can choose based on their needs.

Tourist attraction & entertainment

Kebayoran Lama is not only about residential and trading. You also can find some tourist attractions and entertainment in Kebayoran Lama. One of them is Kampung Main Cipulir located in Jalan Masjid Cidodol, Gg. H Sairi No. 1A, Kebayoran Lama. Kampung Main Cipulir is an outbound area in the middle of the city. Just like other outbound areas, Kampung Main Cipulir provides playground and complete facilities like flying fox, ATV, mud pool, mini waterpark, inn, and restaurant as well. Surrounded by shady trees, Kampung Main Cipulir is alternative choice for tourist attraction for you and family.

Gandaria City Mall is one of shopping destinations in Kebayoran Lama. Here, you can find many products you need. There are department store, electronic stores, entertainment, bookstore, healthcare, fashion distro, and restaurants in Gandaria City Mall. Many people from different social class choose to visit Gandaria City Mall which makes this place their favorite shopping mall. It is also because the location is integrated with housing, recreation spot, and office complex which make easier for you to shop.

Kebayoran Lama also has market with affordable price, the name is Taman Puring. Some decades ago, Taman Puring was a black market and a place to find cheap but illegal goods. Now Taman Puring is more organized. In Taman Puring you can find fashion items like purse, bag, shoes, accessories, and clothes with cheap price.


Culinary spot is something you don’t want to miss in Kebayoran Lama. Some popular places to eat can be found around Kebayoran Lama. If you want to enjoy various culinary in one place, you can visit Eat and Eat in Gandaria City Mall. Eat and Eat is a food court with affordable price offering many menus from local and international.

Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku or also known as P.S.Y is one of favorite restaurants in Kebayoran Lama. The location is in Permata Hijau. Here, you can find mixed cooking from Thailand and Japan. If you have a chance to visit P.S.Y, Special Yakiniku, Tom Yam Soup, and Steamboat Chicken Soup are recommended menus you must try.

If you just want to hang out with friends and try dessert menus, you can come to Shirokuma Cafe. The location is in Gandaria City Mall. This place has a unique concept. The cafe mostly visited by youngsters of Jakarta for hanging out and trying the dessert menus in the cafe. Besides dessert menus, Shirokuma Cafe also provides main course lake nasi kare, ramen, and burger.

One more restaurant you must visit if you are culinary lover, especially with Asia taste. Located in Gandaria City Mall, Seribu Rasa serves menus originally from South East Asia, which is rich in variations and tastes. This restaurant is suitable for local food lover, because in Seribu Rasa you will be offered many Indonesian foods like dendeng with green chillies, binjai fried chicken, sop buntut (tail soup), nasi lemak, and lontong cap gomeh.


Kebayoran Lama with its commercial and residential district make transportation easy. Some mode of transportations you can find in Kebayoran Lama are angkutan kota (angkot), bus, TransJakarta, and train. Online based transportation is also easily found along the main road in Kebayoran Lama.

If you choose to use angkot or bus, please pay attention to the number or route attached to the transportation you will use or you can ask the driver about it. The average fare for angkot, mikrolet, and bus passing Kebayoran Lama is about Rp. 4000-Rp. 8000.

The nearest TransJakarta shelter is in Kebayoran Lama market. You can use busway corridor 8, the route is from Lebak Bulus to Harmoni Sentral and vice versa. The bus shelter in Kebayoran Lama market is the only shelter in corridor 8 which is integrated to KRL Jabodetabek in Kebayoran station, providing route to Tanah Abang-Serpong/Parung Panjang/Maja.

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