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Frequently Asked Question Rasuna Said

Kode Pos Apartemen Rasuna Said adalah 12940

Apartemen murah di Rasuna Said ada di The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna, dan Taman Rasuna Apartment.

Harga sewa apartemen termurah di Taman Rasuna adalah Rp4.420.000 per bulan di The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna.

List apartemen di Taman Rasuna yaitu Setiabudi Sky Garden, Taman Rasuna Apartment, Aston Rasuna Apartment, The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna, The Masterpiece Condominium Epicentrum, dan Rasuna Said Apartment

Alamat apartemen Rasuna Said ada di Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, Karet Kuningan.

Rasuna Said

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Rasuna Said
Rasuna Said


This road is a form of appreciation given by the government to one of the women heroes who are strong and unafraid to defend the country and fight for the dignity of the Indonesian people named HR Rasuna Said. HR Rasuna Said known as vocal female fighters opposed to the Dutch colonizers through their sharp writings. Even in books “Women in Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements” the work by Saydam in 2013 give designation “Singa Betina” to HR Rasuna Said because of his courage against colonialism. After now, his name enshrined as one of the main road that thousands of people go through every day. In this area is also flowing Cideng river flow. Interestingly, unlike most rivers in Jakarta, Cideng River flows smoothly and is rarely flooded even though it is surrounded by apartments, modern shopping centers, to the center of the urban lifestyle.

Apartment in Rasuna Said

Rasuna Said as an area in the golden triangle of Jakarta has adequate infrastructure. Facilities in the form of health facilities and shopping centers can easily be found in this region. Apartment in Rasuna Said like Rasuna Said Apartment and The 18Th Residence Taman Rasuna is the answer to the increasing demand for ideal housing in the region. From the strategic apartment location, there is easy access to reach the Kuningan CBD, Sudirman, Semanggi, and Menteng areas. Located in the Rasuna Epicentrum complex, The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna offers complete facilities ranging from playgrounds, 24-hour security systems, multipurpose rooms, and more.

Property developer competing to present various apartment in Rasuna Said, because indeed this area has a potential market in the property sector. Business owners and company executives need a place to live near from their places of daily activities. The ease of enjoying recreational and culinary facilities is also a consideration of many people to choose housing in this region.

Tourism / Entertainment

As one of the heart of the city, Rasuna Said area also provides several entertainment venues that can become alternative tourism destinations for the city including Plaza Festival and Epicentrum Walk. Plaza Festival, formerly known as Festival Market, is one of the favorite hangout places in Rasuna Said area because of its completeness. This shopping center that combines the concept of entertainment and sport presents a variety of hangout venues. Uniquely, visitors can feel and try a variety of sports facilities ranging from basketball halls, badminton halls, wall climbing, swimming pools, fitness centers, futsal courts, to soccer fields, Soemantri Brojonegoro Stadium.

Not far from Plaza Festival, there is Epicentrum Walk (Epiwalk) which is a mall and hangout place that combines semi indoor and outdoor concepts with a modern look and unique architecture. One of the selected destinations this weekend has a variety of tenants ranging from cinemas, karaoke, food and beverages, to beauty service providers. Mall with nicknamed "The Little Singapore" also has its own special features, namely the tram that can be used to surround the mall and the shuttle bus that surrounds Rasuna Epicentrum area that delivers visitors right up to the mall door.

For nightlife enthusiast, can come and visit Aphrodite. This bar often organizes watching events with sports matches as well as being the most visited night tourist spot for expatriates and partygoers in Jakarta. Many TVs and large screens are placed almost in every corner of the bar. Not to mention equipped with an adequate sound system that makes watching together more exciting. Aphrodite Bar also provides two pool tables that can complement the loyal hobby of sports visitors. On several occasions, Aphrodite also often performed live music performances from bands to the capital's DJs.


South Jakarta is known as a culinary paradise and one of them is in Rasuna Said area. Some of the delicious culinary delights that can be missed can be found in the mega superblock area, including Gado-Gado Cemara which is claimed to be the best gado-gado in Jakarta. Located in Setiabudi One, Gado-Gado Cemara has its own peculiarities, namely peanut ingredients made from cashews. With a price of IDR 40,000 per portion, you can already taste legendary gado-gado plus some chicken skewers.

For fans of Padang cuisine must come and taste the menu offered at Marco’s Bofet or commonly called Marco Padang which is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue. The menu offered by Marco Padang is also different from Padang restaurants in general. This one dining place tries to present the authentic taste of ancient Padang cuisine with unique taste and distinctive style. One of the excellent menus is Randang Itam Firewood, Roasted Pacak Barramundi, and Coconut Martabak.

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