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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Senopati

Apartment in Senopati, Jakarta

Several apartments in Senopati you can choose according to your needs. Its strategic location and close proximity to business areas in South Jakarta such as Sudirman and Semanggi make apartments in Senopati most hunted by vertical housing seekers in Jakarta. Senopati apartments such as Purnawarman Executive Mansion and Residence 8 Senopati provides various amenities from parking area, swimming pool, chlidren playground, fitness center, mini market, 24 hour security and more.

This apartment provides various unit types from studio type, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, up to 3 bedrooms appropriate for resident needs. Strategic location and top class facilities make the apartment in Senopati an ideal residential and very feasible for who have many activities in the area around Sudirman, Semanggi, and Kebayoran Baru.


Senopati has become one of Jakarta’s favorite tourist destination when hunting culinary spot. Different from other culinary spots, such as Kemang and Blok M, Senopati has its own allurement especially for businessman. In recent years, many entrepreneurs has been invaded Senopati’s street to build modern cafes and restaurants business with high taste. It makes culinary industry in this region climbing up and keep growing over time.

There is almost no empty space along the Senopati road, there are various cafes and restaurants from local cuisine to foreign countries like 3 Wise Monkeys, one of sushi restaurant with All You Can Eat concept. There's also Flip Burger for burger lovers. For Indonesian and Asian cuisine lovers, There Gioi restaurant must be restaurant you should try.


Believe it or not? You can easily access Senopati from anywhere in Jakarta. There are so many modes of transportation that you can use, from the Mayasari Bakti bus, Pahala Kencana bus to Perum PPD bus. But the most commonly used by the citizens of Jakarta in Senopati is taxi and transportation based on online applications such as Go-Jek, Grab Bike and Uber.

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