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Frequently Asked Question Sudirman

Harga sewa apartemen di Sudirman berkisar antara Rp4.250.000 - Rp40.000.000 per bulan.

List apartemen di Sudirman yaitu Sudirman Park Apartment, Sahid Sudirman Residence, Sudirman Hill Residence, City Lofts Apartment, Tamansari Sudirman, Sudirman Tower Condominium, FX Residence, dan Pavillion Apartment.

Apartemen murah di Sudirman ada di Sudirman Park, dan Taman Sari Sudirman.

Apartemen dekat FX Sudirman adalah FX Residence (tepat di atasnya), Sudirman Mansion (800 meter), Apartemen Ratu Plaza (500 meter) dan Senayan City Residence (1,6 km).

Apartemen baru di Sudirman adalah Sudirman Hill Residence dan Anandamaya Residence


Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Sudirman

History of Sudirman road

Do you know that Sudirman Road actually has become an important road since Dutch colonization era? History recorded that this road was often used to hold a parade on every 31st of August, then the schedule was changed into 17th of August after the independence of Indonesia. For your information, the name of the road was given by President Soekarno, unfortunately there is no clear evidence regarding the name of this road before it is named Sudirman Road.

Apartment in Sudirman, Jakarta

Apartments in Sudirman area offer various amenities for the tenants. FX residence, for example, this apartment located exactly on top of FX Sudirman Mall. Therefore, the tenants don’t need to go far from their units to meet their needs. Facilities like movie theatre, supermarket, restaurant, cafe, beauty salon, and karaoke are available inside the shopping mall. And tenants can reach and enjoy them without riding cars, they just need to take a walk and use the lift.

The unique concept of apartment can be found in City Lofts apartment. This apartment adopt loft concept with big space between ceiling and floor, which can reach 5 metres. Therefore, the space can be used for additional floor as a private area. This kind of apartment is really suitable for residence as well as office. Some other apartments in Sudirman area are Fraser Residence, Pavilion apartment, and The Peak apartment, also provide excellent facilities. All of them offer amenities and become comfortable place to live in which many people dreamed about.

Tourist attraction & entertainment

In Sudirman area you can find tourist attractions in the form of shopping malls and movie theatre. You can visit FX Sudirman Shopping Mall and Pacific Place Mall for shopping and watching the latest movies. But if you are married and have small children, you and your family can enjoy a good time in Kidzania which is located inside Pacific Place Mall. Kidzania has 71 pavilions provided for children to do role play in many different professions. You also can bring your kids to Atmosfear. This place will test your kids to conquer their fear by playing in the highest sliding in Indonesia.


As the biggest business district in Indonesia, Sudirman district has numerous luxurious, fantastic, and romantic restaurants. You can easily find restaurants with local and international taste in Sudirman.

If you are looking for fancy restaurants for meeting with your business colleagues, Kembang Goela restaurant in Plaza Sentral, Cassis Kitchen in Pavillion Apartment, and Satoo in Shangri-La Hotel are good options. Meanwhile, for restaurants with romantic atmosphere, GIA Restaurant & Bar in Sampoerna Strategic Square and Rosso in Shangri-La Hotel, are quite famous in Sudirman. You also don’t want to miss Jimbaran Outdoor, the coolest restaurant, bar, and lounge in Jakarta which is located in AYANA MidPlaza Jakarta Hotel.


Wherever you are in Jakarta, you can easily access Sudirman area. This is due to various public transportation options available, you can use Metromini, Kopaja, PPD, Bus Mayasari Bakti, and APTB (connecting bus from Jakarta to Jabodetabek via TransJakarta route). However, taxi, TransJakarta, and online based transportations like Go-Jek, Grab Bike, and Uber are the mode of transportations most often used in Sudirman.

For your information, in Sudirman area applies odd-even policy. During odd dates, only vehicles with odd license plate number can go through. The same thing for even dates, only vehicles with even license plate number can go through Sudirman area. But you don’t have to worry, because this rule is only applied during certain period of time which is from 07:00 to 10:00 AM and 16:00 to 20:00 PM, from Monday to Friday. This rule doesn’t apply on national holiday, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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