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Pasar Baru

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Pasar Baru
Pasar Baru

Apartment for Rent in Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru continues to develop into a promising area as an ideal place to live. From this area, it is quite easy to reach the surrounding area. Infrastructure tools needed to facilitate mobility are also available. Pasar Baru Mansion Apartment comes as one of the apartments in Pasar Baru. This residence is built on an area of 7000 square meters.

Apartments at Pasar Baru are equipped with complete facilities ranging from gym centers, basketball courts, tennis courts, and jogging tracks for those of you who want to exercise. The apartment also provides a swimming pool and playground that can be used to relax with loved ones. For a choice of unit types, apartments in Pasar Baru offer studio type housing, 2 BR and 3 BR.

Tourism / Entertainment

A wide selection of attractions can be found in the Pasar Baru area. The Jakarta Arts Building is one of them. The location is on Jl. No. Art Building 1. Jakarta Arts Building is an old building where various art performances are held. The location of the building itself is also easy to reach by public transportation. The Jakarta Arts Building is the venue for the two most monumental arts events in Indonesia, the Art Summit Indonesia and the Jakarta International Festival of Performing Art.

For those of you who like to shop, Pasar Baru Square can be the best choice. The products available are very diverse ranging from the completeness of fashion, jewelry, watches, and more. In addition to shopping, at Pasar Baru Square you can also taste a variety of traditional snacks such as siomay, brains, gejrot tofu, and other snacks.

Metro Atom Plaza on Jl.KH. Samanhudi is the next place to shop at Pasar Baru with various items available here. Even used goods at low prices and good quality can be found here. What is unique, in this shopping place is available a variety of photography equipment ranging from cameras to accessories. Metro Atom has indeed been known as a camera sales center since 1988.

Want to enjoy the atmosphere of the park where the air is fresh? Visit Banteng Field Park on West Banteng Field Street. There are many saung here that can be used to relax while enjoying the green panorama. In the middle of the park is a statue named West Irian Liberation Statue Monument. Banteng Field Park is equipped with flower gardens, fountains, and paths that can be used for jogging. Shady trees make this place right to freshen up. Various groups ranging from small children to adults can enjoy cheap tours in this park while taking pictures in many interesting spots.


It is not complete if you go to Pasar Baru not to enjoy culinary tourism. At Pasar Baru, there are many foods that you can enjoy. One of them is Bakmi Gang Kelinci located on Jl. Rabbit Kingdom No. 1-3. This place has been around since 1957 and has branches throughout Jakarta. Here visitors can enjoy various  Chinese food such as chicken noodles, I fu noodles, dim sum, flush fried dumplings, fried rice noodles, and more. This eating place is quite spacious and is on the side of the road. Large portions of food and affordable prices make visitors always come here.

Aceh Taste Restaurant on Antara Street can be an alternative for those of you who want to enjoy the typical cuisine of the archipelago, especially the typical culinary Gayo land. There are many authentic Aceh menu choices that are served here, including snapper head curry, duck dates, tangkap chicken, rendang chicken, fish eggs, marijuana chili, fried punani, to pineapple.

To enjoy the western menu, at Pasar Baru there is Joni Steak on Jl. Samanhudi No. 65. Here you can enjoy good steaks at a friendly price. Joni Steak is always crowded by visitors who want to enjoy a variety of menus offered such as backpacker sirloin steak, chicken schnitzel, and many more. The place is clean and the service is swift and friendly.


Transportation facilities in the Pasar Baru area are quite supportive to make it easier for citizens to reach various places. The existence of the BRT station in Pasar Baru with TransJakarta Corridor 3 makes it easier for those who want to go to several points in Jakarta such as Harmoni, Grogol, Daan Mogot, Jembatan Baru, to Kalideres.

In addition to TransJakarta, those of you who want to go to Bekasi can use the Mayasari Bakti Patas AC63 bus. Besides Bekasi, the city bus passes through various regions such as Gunung Sahari, Salemba, Scouts, and Ahmad Yani. There is also a Mikrolet M12 as an alternative to Sawah Besar, Hayam Wuruk, Gajah Mada, Glodok, and Kota. Whereas to reach areas such as City Hall, Monas, MH Thamrin, Dukuh Atas, Setiabudi, even Karet and Semanggi you can use Metromini P 15.

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