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Gunung Sahari

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Gunung Sahari
Gunung Sahari

Apartment for Rent in Gunung Sahari

Property developers are aware of the Gunung Sahari area as a potential market to build an apartment building. No wonder there are many choices of apartments in Gunung Sahari. There are Condominium Rajawali Apartment is located close to the Kemayoran and Ancol toll gate doors and the Rajawali Line Commuter Station.

Grand Kartini Apartment is surrounded by Mangga Dua and Glodok shopping centers, make it easy for residents to shop for their daily needs. Elpis Residences Apartment is surrounded by hotels such as Sheraton Hotels, Orchardz Hotels, Fashion Hotels, Swiss Belhotel, and Golden Hotels. The apartment facilities at Gunung Sahari are very complete starting from swimming pools, gyms, children's playgrounds, mini markets, parking areas, laundry, ATM centers, and many more.

Tourism / Entertainment

If you looking for a shopping destination in the Gunung Sahari, there is Mangga Dua Square on Gunung Sahari Raya Street Number 1. In this mall, you can find big tenants like Novotel, Carrefour, Jayakarta Bookstore, and Gramedia. What makes it more interesting, in Mangga Dua Square there is JITEC (Jakarta International Event & Convention Center) as a place to hold many major events such as international singer concerts and large-scale exhibitions. Mangga Dua Square is also the largest computer distribution company in Indonesia, PT Dragon Computer & Communication. It will not be difficult to reach this mall because there are many transportation options like TransJakarta, mikrolet, even bajaj.

The next choice of shopping place in Gunung Sahari is Golden Truly Mall, located on Gunung Sahari Raya Street Number 59. This mall is very popular in the 80s to 90s. Visitors can find various products, including fashion products or shopping at Giant supermarkets. The mall is also equipped with Gramedia bookstore and Fun World play area on the 2nd floor. Children who want to play in Fun World need to have a card with the name Funcard whose balance can be refilled. This card is can be used to play on the desired vehicle.

If you looking for an open park in the Gunung Sahari area, just come to Dr. Wahidin on Dr. Wahidin I Street, Ps. Baru, Sawah Besar. This park is located next to Gunung Sahari Raya Street and separated by a river. The park has a variety of large and small plants. Trees that are pretty much able to withstand the sun's heat and make the air around this place feel cool. Visitors who come can sit and relax in the garden area. There are also sports equipment and reflection areas with gravel cobbles.


Places to eat on Gunung Sahari are many choices. Here you can find menus start from light snacks, seafood, to traditional menus. To enjoy typical Bandung food, at Gunung Sahari is Seblak Jeletet on Pademangan Street Number 4. This place is always crowded with visitors. The number presented here has 5 levels of spiciness. There are a variety of fillings for seblak which are served from macaroni, eggs, rice noodles, crackers, kikil, meatballs, to claws.

For those who like seafood, just go to Indah Seafood 94 on New Life 1 Street Number 13. This restaurant is difficult to access, but its name is quite well-known among seafood lovers. Size of the room is large enough to accommodate many visitors. Some menu can be enjoyed include Padang sauce crab, sweet grilled shrimp, and Padang sauce clams.

If you looking for a place to eat meatballs in the Gunung Sahari area, Cow Rudi Meatballs on Rajawali Selatan I Street Number 54A, so it's a recommended place to visit. What makes it different from the other meatball dish is more vein cut. Visitors can choose meatballs with lots of veins or meatballs with lots of meat. Meatball dishes can be enjoyed with rice noodles, even noodles. However, this place to eat is not too wide, affordable prices and good taste are fitted right on the tongue make this meatball shop famous.

Still hungry? you can visit Harum Segar, it's having an address at Golden Truly Mall, 1st Floor, visitors can enjoy mixed rice in quite a large portion. Rice dishes are equipped with eggs, siobak, charsiu, sekba, ngohiong, and bakut sauce that makes the tongue shake and the stomach is full.


Public transportation facilities in the Gunung Sahari area are very diverse, stars from TransJakarta to mikrolet. In fact, it is not difficult to find modes of choice in the form of motorbikes or taxis, considering that this area has never been quiet.

TransJakarta corridor 5 can be used to reach Jatinegara, Salemba, Senen, and Mangga Dua. There is also TransJakarta Corridor 12 to go to Kota Tua, Kemayoran, Sunter, and Tanjung Priok. If you want to use a bus, there is the Metromini P11 as an alternative to Senen and Banteng Field. While the M12 Microbuses can be used by the residents of Gunung Sahari to reach Gajah Mada, Senen, and Kramat Raya.

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