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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kapten Tendean
Kapten Tendean

Apartment for Rent in Captain Tendean

The strategic area of Captain Tendean is considered by property developers to provide ideal vertical occupancy in the region. Easy-to-get transportation facilities also attract many people to choose to house in the area of Captain Tendean. Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment, one of the apartments in Captain Tendean, excels with easy access to areas such as SCBD, Sudirman, Thamrin, Mampang, and Kuningan.

There are shopping centers like Lippo Mall Kemang and Blok M around the apartment in Captain Tendean making it easier for residents to shop for their daily needs. The facilities provided by the apartment in Captain Tendean are also complete starting from the swimming pool, large parking area, jogging track, gym, children's playground, to the 24-hour security system that is equipped with CCTV. Tenants can choose from 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

Tourism / Entertainment

The Satria Mandala Museum on Jl. Gatot Subroto is an educational tourist destination around the area of Captain Tendean. This museum is one of the right places to instill the spirit of patriotism to the younger generation, especially children. At the front of the museum, there are missiles, tanks, radar antennas, helicopters, fighter planes, and replicas of the Indonesian warship Leopard Leaking sinking in the Arafura Sea.

Inside the museum, you can get to know the 4 great Generals of Indonesia, namely General Oerip Soemoharjo, Commander-in-Chief General Sudirman, General Abdul Haris Nasution, and General HM Suharto. The museum even stores historic Soedirman objects such as jackets, uniforms, sticks, star bags, death certificates, and stretchers used when he was seriously ill but still leads the war.

The Satria Mandala Museum consists of 2 floors. The main floor contains dioramas from the Proclamation era, the formation of BKR, and Palagan Ambarawa. Each diorama is accompanied by brief information in two languages. While on the lower floor, you can see a collection of weapons from time to time ranging from pistols, air raid cannons, artificial Molotov, to pointed bamboo. In the back of the museum, you can see the hangar of a place where several TNI pioneer aircraft are immortalized.


Want culinary with many dining options? Captain Tendean's answer. Here there are lots of choices of food at affordable prices that you should try. Warung Nagih is one of them. Dining place located on Jl. Captain Tendean No. 41 to be exactly next to the Indonesian Post Office, one of the best and cheapest places to eat toast in Jakarta. Being a mainstay menu at Warung Nagih, you can also choose toast topping as desired. Marshmallow toast with green tea ice cream topping and honey stars topping up is a favorite menu to try.

Not far from Warung Nagih, there is a Food Lab that holds the status of a hangout that is visited by many young people in the Tendean area. This dining area is large enough to accommodate up to 150 people. Not infrequently this place often holds events watching together sports events such as football. The menu presented at the Food Lab is quite varied, ranging from snacks such as cimol, martabak, sticky rice, to heavy foods such as  fishball , ramen, and tomyum.

If you are looking for Japanese snacks in the Tendean area, just come to Yakitori Go! In this shop you can enjoy menus such as Momo (chicken thighs), Tebasaki ( chicken wings ), Kawa ( chicken skin ), Negima ( chicken breast & scallon ), and Tsukune ( chicken meatballs ) at very affordable prices.

Bored with food with savory flavors? There is a Big Pan with a  pancake menu and other sweet menus. If you have the opportunity to come here, don't miss tasting  oreo cheese pancakes  and  pancake bolognese . Oreo pancakes with oreo crumbs on top of it, and additional ice cream and grated mozzarella cheese create a combination of sweet and savory flavors. The bolognese pancake combined with the chopped meat feels very special on the tongue. Although this place is in the form of a tent shop, but the matter of taste is guaranteed not to disappoint.

At Tendean there is also a place to eat that serves instant noodles similar to the picture on the packaging. Do not believe? You can come to the Mix Diner & Florist located at Jl. Captain Tendean No. 34. Similar noodles become special dishes in this place. As the name suggests, this one menu presents similar instant noodles according to the picture on the wrapper. Besides being a place to eat, Mix Diner & Florist is also a flower shop. The part of the courtyard is decorated with many flower pots, creating an atmosphere that refreshes the eyes.


The location of Captain Tendean, which is not far from the Blok M bus terminal, makes this area a lot of public transportation facilities. This certainly facilitates the mobility of people who live in the area of Captain Tendean to not need to be confused about transportation. Coupled with the immediate operation of the Transjakarta Ciledug-Tendean route, adding a complete transportation infrastructure in the region.

Several choices of public transportation in Tendean, including Kopaja T57 which can be used to reach Mampang, Kalibata, Cililitan, Pasar Rebo, and Kampung Rambutan. There are Kopaja S616 to reach Blok M, Gatot Subroto, Lenteng Agung, and Jagakarsa. Mayasari Bakti R 107 can be an alternative to Cawang, Otista, and Kampung Melayu. Whereas heading to Kemang, Pejaten, and Ragunan can be with the Metromini S 77.

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